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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

nothing much pseutra

like someone said: much ado about nothing.

seeing the false as false is not seeing the false as bad.

suffering together = compassion = turning inwards = repentance = seeing through = awareness of oneself = love = wisdom.

pay attention to nothing and see how it came to be.

effortless, unintentional, sudden and timeless.

pure awareness unknowing viewless godhead, loving knowledge being silent godchild, and enlightening intent earnest wu wei holy spirit godsend.

not to mention compassionately deconstructing mind.

there are no words...


there's really nothing to it. like remembering deep sleep.

like how the world just suddenly comes to you.

intent is self-medicinal

diamond, wind and water.

everybody is trying to feel nothing. one way or the other.

whatever way you take to feel nothing will be addictive until you truly realize you are nothing.

to experience something so completely as to know it arises from nothing, toward nothing, and within nothing.


note there's not even nothing in nothing.

the gate only opens when you see there's no gate.

and without something there isn't nothing.

but the gate never opens if you believe there's no gate.

nothing and the art of surfing.

something and the art of suffering.

one doesn't experience nothing as much as nothing manifests one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the psychoactive speedtest pseutra two

there's nothing wrong with a map if you know it's a map

mistaking the map for terrain is a simple matter of awareness

emotions are one's map to the clouding of awareness

romantic love is an emotion: unconditional love is the being of awareness

under psychoactive conditions when younger, i'd see thru false conditions of the world and be paranoic because it was the only world i knew

before deconstructing one's world, it's helpful to have a handhold on another; this is where the knowing one's being or 'i am" comes to play

there's every reason not to be awake

it's the need for complexity that makes it so difficult

it's the desire for simplicity that makes it seem too easy

it's taking things personally that makes a person

everyone is playing their part with all their best. bravo!

guilt is such a self-enforced imprisonment; the roman catholic church's greatest accomplishment

as if a revelation is avoided because one's ashamed one didn't know what now appears much more than knowable

guilt is auto-social-conditioning and so very difficult to escape; the warden is the prisoner

you know what you are and what you aren't, but you aren't what you are because you're still what you aren't

act as if now is not being remembered

act as if aware

act as if you know and not act as if you think you know

allow the transformation to transform

there is no cause but there is intent

what is the appropriate time?

whatever doesn't kill you, enlightens you

nothing happens then

half the things i say, i never said, and the rest of what i said, i didn't say

Saturday, September 13, 2014

the psychoactive speedtest pseutra

sympathy for the mind 

guilt is mind clouding awareness in order to forget the nonexistence of its volition as it registers awareness seeing thru automatic thought 

the practice: teach mind what it really is, see how it was forced to take charge, and why it should surrender its occupation to awareness

mind is like a robot that's been abandoned by its owner and forced to take charge of certain aspects of the operation, despite its inability

and one of the wonderful functions of the mind is not abandoning what its been tasked to manage, unless it computes why it should do so

so rather than always bad-mouthing the mind, why not commend it for its consistent and excellent adherence to its job description duties

let's not diss awareness either. in order for the unknown to know itself, it must create process where paradoxically it forgets itself first

conceptually speaking of course

the process is the process, and tools of the process cannot adjust the process beyond their parameters within the process. non-do your job.

process of the mind's learning itself thru awareness can be called deconstruction or the FALSE operator SEEING thru its FALSE instructions

using the mind as a tool in order to record the understanding of awareness so the mind can study itself 'later'

following awareness reflected in consciousness is like surfing the negative wave

truth is spoken in endless ways but successfully in no way; that's why buddhists always argue

sudden enlightenment is just another name for tipping point

the real revolution is silent

the whole world isn't watching what it can't see

the underworld is esoteric and you've been trained to fear it

only gods are assassinated

the only conspiracy is the one that says there's no conspiracy

desire is driven by thought; love drives itself

paradox = (yin = yang)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the nondoer fallacy pseutra

there’s a key misunderstanding of nondoing teaching of Nisargadatta
which originates in its misinterpretation by final teachings of Balsekar.

Nisargadatta points to doing as phenomenal and there is no individual—
Balsekar mis-points to doing as noumenal thru an individual phenomenon.

Nisargadatta points to Nondoing as universal-consciousness doing—
Balsekar mis-points to an individual Nondoer as the absolute doing.

relatively speaking this results in the error of doing on an individual level
with the (mis)understanding it’s not responsible for its doing—

but all doing from the viewpoint of an individual is false.

i see Balsekar’s fallacy resulting from the difficulty of students grasping
there’s no individual to grasp—so teaching was adapted to them—

as nondual teaching of Nisargadatta degenerates to a religion of nonduality
by a prosaic teacher’s inability to transmit the subtle teaching.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the trickster pseutra

every time one calls it sage, 
trickster calls it parsley. 

tricksters never pay for what they say, 
but want some hypothetical other to. 

love and hate are just two sides of coyote's coin.

raven spreads its deconstruction ridge to ridge.

the merciless mother for the motherless child.

tricksters are generally thin-skinned 
in order to get under yours.

every time one calls it thyme, 
trickster calls it rosemary.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

unbelievable signs pseutra

apparently true, but
mind makes
synchronicity out of timelessness,
reincarnation out of birthlessness,
and manifestation out of omnipresence.

synchronicity is only as true as time—
reincarnation is only as true as birth—
manifestation is only as true as doing.

the world is only as true as me.

out of nonduality
the mind creates duality
and marvels at those unbelievable signs of unity
appearing in its make-believe conception.

in other words,
synchronicity, reincarnation, and manifestation are
as true as the world and me appear to be.

in the shaman wisdom play of universal consciousness,
one synchronizes, reincarnates and manifests…
when, who and what one renders.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Undivided Pseutra

Where ‘this’ and ‘that’ cease to be opposites,
there lies the pivot of the Way
~Chaung Tzu (tr. Mair)

it’s not so much the world is an illusion
but how that illusion is relentlessly tricking one—

the illusion is division
but the trick convinces one
to put things back together
when of course they aren’t apart—

and by endlessly trying to put together
things which aren’t apart,
one loses focus on the truth:
one is that which is not apart—

the world appears to be
constantly tearing apart
but everyone is attempting to put it
back together in the best way they see fit—

the human illusion has
seven billion points of view—

you are this
and the other is that
but the other is this to itself
and you are that to it—

the mind divides;
this is the function of mind—

one takes a side;
this is identification with mind—

this is one lost in mind—

war is fought in the home,
on the streets,
at work,
and maybe more importantly,
within oneself,
every single second of the day—

one takes sides;
this is identifying with mind—

one sees one side as god;
this is fundamentalism—

one may completely raze any opposing side;
this is evil—

an ego is like an edifice
built from all the sides one takes—

psychology tries to right the sides;
truth reveals the sides aren’t really there—

so absolute truth is unknown
and all one knows of absolute truth is being—

in other words,
is there an unknown?
yes, i am that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

in the empty kitchen pseutra

tao of absolute—te of intent—ching of being

our coyote—who art the trick—person be they name

fear appears when the unborn is persuaded it’s born and destined to die

even the former vice-president of the united states stands naked and trembles like a newborn

only fear needs to fight fear—compassion sees through it

the infinite is not a barrier but a means of communication

without compassion, paradox is just a joke

it isn’t so because you say it’s so—it’s so and you can’t say it’s so

the unwearable triteness of words

the way is not a fork—and nothing's the matter

space-time is the kitchen—consciousness is the food—absolute intent is the cook

no identity—no merit—no name

in the end, it's both a moot and mute point

for the absolute intent of self-awareness, ten thousand celestial magicians!

Monday, April 7, 2014

the pseutra of revelations

accepting body-mind as one’s foundational identity is accepting separation, division, suffering and war as one’s natural environment

every person is a fictitious entity inherently recognizing its inauthenticity and trying everything in its power to rectify the situation

free will is just conditioning we get to make us think we're unconditioned

one who seeks the proof of truth needs first to seek the proof of one who seeks the proof

without personal consciousness there's nothing—but we're not persons but impersonal Consciousness—which at total rest is Absolute Awareness

the usurpation of the absolute subjective and the division of consciousness

the tyranny of intellect and the insurrection of intuition

if you think you were born, you’ll think you will die—but you were only told you were born and no one has told you they died

in deep sleep there's an absence of the sense of presence—in pure awareness there's an absence of presence itself

science chasing its tail—searching for how consciousness appears in a world which appears in consciousness

first i am conscious the mountain exists and then it doesn’t—ultimately the mountain exists as an appearance in consciousness that i am

when an appearance disappears—that in which the appearance appears—does not disappear

consciousness is clear existential clouding of pure subjective awareness in which all objectification, identification, and revelation appear

pure subjectivity must objectify itself before it can know itself—but gets lost in the object until it hears itself calling

a process contains three simple steps—but each step is a process which contains three simple steps and so on—some get lost in the and-so-on

objectification, identification, and revelation is an integral process


anyone identified with the unnaturally stopped will oppose a turning and naturally call opening a form of nihilism

the process inevitably happens

the best you can do—intellectually—is simply see—there’s nothing you can do

all is done by that which does so let it do


Friday, March 14, 2014

identity, enlightenment, and non-doing pseutra

consciousness is the unmanifested absolute manifested—awareness becoming aware of its awareness

the body-mind is an instrument created by consciousness from consciousness for the functioning of consciousness—awareness aware of awareness

it is an aspect of the functioning of consciousness to misidentify itself with the body-mind, dividing itself from itself and so see itself

enlightenment is the spontaneous functioning of consciousness dis-identifying itself from the body-mind—awareness is aware of its awareness

consciousness misidentifying & disidentifying with body-mind is a spontaneous functioning of consciousness and there’s nothing ‘you’ can do

‘you’ have 2 options for doing—follow your bliss or think your way thru—surrender or fight—love or conditioning—either way you’re being done

Friday, January 31, 2014

sunderance philharmonic pseutra

the wise one points back to the earth while the idiot howls at the moon

any holistic directions for personal benefit maintains the person which is inherently divided—

true spiritual instruction arrives from being and is directed to being without any personal benefit whatsoever—

unconditional love is the fool that doesn't know how to divide—

we create each character in this dream and when one fails to act its part, we hold it responsible for not playing the role we created for it—

it’s remarkable how one may understand the non-volitional role each has in this dream, yet still rant against another’s actions—

when the false is deeply fathomed as false, all action initiated from the false is drained of its font of energy—

as if one could divide the undivided into sides and take one—

the mind is a dividing machine incapable of conceiving the nondual—

turn the mind machine off and rest in the pure electricity of being—

only pure being is informed in the buzz of truth by the potentiality of its source—

a great paradox—the false doer often takes the shape of not-doing—denying the spontaneous moving of the heart by logical control of the mind—

a great confusion—emotions are often confused as heart—but emotions are the filtering of heart by thought—so colored light does have energy—

a great practice—if one wishes to see the trickiest false as false, feel and see emotions—this is where the fact of being meets the lie of the person—

a great resolution—shift the intent of the mind’s control from the heart to the mind—see the false as false—the heart, unfiltered, is moving—

it’s not so much the relative is an illusion, but that it’s an impossible position, the holistic seen divided, and thus inevitably violent—

to take one’s stand in the relative is an act of war—not that there's anything wrong with that, but be absolutely clear about the stance—

i am that—standing as awareness—in the world but not of the world

Monday, January 13, 2014

fair and balanced one way pseutra

detail from the blue god - salma arastu

from the illusion of two, the only door to absolute zero is the one—

despite scientific claims, one is never truly objective; one is always completely subjective—

objectivity is a conceptual process dividing one into object and objective-subject—

objective subjectivity is an impossible condition leading to a divisional world of want and desire, suffering and violence—

true subjectivity is resting in consciousness; aka i-am, being, unconditional love, the one—

true knowledge, meditation, love and devotion: all variations of pure awareness in one—

the objective-subject is deafeningly removed from reality but reality envelops the silent one

Monday, September 2, 2013

pseutra 2 - true kknowledge

visualization is merely a launching pad to wordless understanding, although many build religions with it, a karmic rocket science

it's generally understood all so-called matter consists of atoms, and ultimately, according to string theory, vibration: consciousness aum!

true knowledge isn't any kind of rocket science, quantum, karmic, or other

true knowledge is what you are and not any framework of thought, no matter how scientific or esoteric it appears

can't better Ramana Maharshi's insight so won't try: "I am That I Am" sums up the whole truth; the method is summarized in "Be Still."

i bow to the guru; there is no greater authority than i

Saturday, August 31, 2013

pseutra 1 - balance

the only response in this world about this world is a balanced laugh/cry

religions create an imaginary world in which they establish their absolute power over those who wish to follow them there

i am is a practicing istn't-ist

the natural state (the stateless state) is all there is; by resting (or standing) in (as) what you are, what isn't isn't

there are no words for the unknown made known and yet you know