Saturday, July 6, 2024

The Land of Prehistoric Maya

The reflection of undivided existence-consciousness-bliss is I am, I know, I love. This is the primordial wisdom of Maya before its dawning goes down to the days of passionate action and dark, dull, inertia.

Such is the impossible dream of this samsaric hell in which I am an individual consciousness divided from the omnipotence of the universal, I know only my little corner of the world, and I love some things and fear the rest.

Return with me this night to the land of prehistoric Maya, that subtle reflection of satcitananda in godlike skies, and it’s thunder of tantra, jnana, and bhakta: I am, I know, I love!

a. Three Views on the Verb to Do

Nondoing is the dance of Brahman veiled in Maya.

Doing and not doing are the spasms of individual avidya.

Nirguna Brahman is beyond all qualities of doing.

b. Zen and the Art of Satcitananda

The principle of existence is beyond all qualities of being—like doing, not doing, or nondoing.

Similarly, the principle of consciousness is beyond all qualities of knowing—like ignorance, knowledge, or intuition.

Last but not least, the principle of bliss is beyond all qualities of holistic infinity—like love, hate, or devotion.

c. The Maya Mountains

Nondoing, Intuition, and Devotion are the Peaks of Maya.

Nondoing is Mount Existence; Intuition is Consciousness Mountain;

Devotion is Mount Saint Holistic Bliss Infinity.


1. Direct Path

Devotion is the art of bliss.

Devotion to existence and consciousness is Satcitananda.

Devotion to satcitananda is Direct Path.

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