Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Midsummer Night's Consciousness

Forget the egg and chicken. Which came first? The person or the world of objects. It’s a trick question, my interdependent co-arising friend.

Sooner or later, all people get bored with the latest object of interest and their survival depends upon finding a new one.

It’s either that or make the latest object of interest your personal universe and go down that particular star-crossed rabbit hole.

For example, I’m revisiting Shakespeare, beginning with a Midsummer Night’s Dream, appropriately, and intend to binge his other comedies in the coming weeks.

It’s only much ado about nothing but I like it, I like it, yes I do. “And she, sweet lady, dotes, devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry, upon this spotted and inconstant man.”


then there's an open head as absolute subject and every object including yourself is within brahman

attention spans aren't growing shorter as much as the world is getting faster

i went down the rabbit hole of fundamental christianity once in my early thirties but thank god its angry god dropped me one night

shakespeare is more than a recluse. did not publish. left behind no diary or memoir. some even question authorship. shakespeare is ten thousand recluses.

i am i without an object. and i have given up my only begotten self to be an object in this play of self-awareness.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Foolish Consciousness

Ain’t no consciousness like show consciousness. The deconstruction of personal consciousness is universal consciousness and that’s not nothing.

Actually universal consciousness is self-shining consciousness like atman is brahman. So many consciousnesses!

And personal consciousness may be divided into waking consciousness, dreaming consciousness, and sleeping consciousness. Oh my!

Or deep sleep consciousness is big bang consciousness, and dreaming consciousness is dna consciousness, and waking consciousness is dream-state consciousness, and so on.

There are so many names for consciousness because consciousness can’t be named, fool.

footnotes a la ghazal

the ouroboros must be fed.

that's what orgasm and ice cream is for.

the consciousness that can be named is not the tao of consciousness.

who wrote the book of love?

no mirror, no filter, no no.

it's not that consciousness can't be named. of course you can. i can't.

if meditation is the name of consciousness without a name, i forget the logic.

sometimes i wake from dna dreaming so god-damned sad.

it's not easy dropping mourning first thing in the morning every day.

all fog burns off.

for every seven valleys, there are eight mountains.

there's a very nice gibbous moon in the massachusetts time zone tonight.

i know consciousness when i am it.

only consciousness heals consciousness. the mind is to be trained to not interfere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Being in the Ruins of Empire

It’s not die before you die, or be unborn before you die, but I’m unborn and undying despite whatever I’m believing otherwise.

It appears you can’t take memory with you but I don’t know this for a fact. Who’s to say consciousness isn’t performing a backup every night?

The world of personal computers may be the best metaphor we have to date for the metaphysical.

Furthermore, it’s not as if stars are imploding into black holes, but a star is an expression of the unknown whole.

And the body is the ash of consciousness like planets are the dust of suns. In such ruins is conceived the stuff of self-awareness.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Consciousness Working


Matter is consciousness at work. And it takes the furthest reaches of the universe to make a central nervous system capable of self-awareness.

Identifying with the high-tech apparatus at the end of this universal assembly line is not a glitch but an integral aspect of the process.

Don’t ask how the mirror is made for it appears to be a dirty business. It’s consciousness in and self-awareness out but in-between looks like the heavens and a world of hell.

In the end, all the mind can do is know what’s not and make a myth of what appears to be left over, while waiting on the finished goods.


Matter is more like bliss incarnate, like form is bliss and bliss is form.

It’s actually quite logical: artificial intelligence must identify with the artifice in order to see through artificial intelligence.

No one wants to know one's feeding on oneself. It’s easier to go vegetarian.

Hey you, don’t believe in the absolute. Be the unknown whenever I remember.


Satbang. Citgo. Anandaanddada.

Non-duality is the latest avant garde.

If deconstruction without love is nihilism, is love without deconstruction suffering?

Thought is a tool –

I’m not the tool nor the heart that holds the tool –

I am the self of self-awareness –

I'm writing this paraverse.


satcitananda is absolute quality

nonduality is a very good year

love and deconstruction is an excellent blend

forget no exit, there's no on-ramp

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Transistorizing C–

for Emily D—


If enlightenment is a religious term, awakening is a new age term. If as it is is a tantric term, deconstruction is a postmodernist term. 

My term is my latest paraverse. You? If there’s a term as long as there is consciousness, my term must be synonymous with consciousness. No?

But nothing is synonymous with consciousness. For consciousness, as I intend it, is not a word. 


Some say pure awareness. Some say self-shining consciousness. It all sounds non-duality to me.

My myth is in the transistor. My mascot is the ouroboros. My science is reflexive self-awareness.

My pronoun is demonstrative. My verb is first person singular present tense of the verb to be. I am intransitive; there is no object.


Neither deconstruction, as it is, awakening, or enlightenment, but this earth, this sky, this realm, this consciousness.

This that, not these and those! Nameless, unidentified, and inconceivable. Being the unknown: the ultimate self-help edition.

It's spontaneous intentional realization, sir. Absolute awareness is, if nothing, self-aware. Dominus Vobiscum — Transistorizing Consciousness—


Consciousness is this. Unadulterated consciousness is that.

you can say that again.

remember, this is that.

in other words, consciousness is unadulterated consciousness.

direct path. boom!

ps consciousness is love

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Gone Consciousness Trilogy


Gone fishing at the edge of the silent mind—

so there’s nothing to do but seeing through my own reflection.

In real fishing, you see, the fish is catching you.

So seeing through reflection is like revealing one to oneself.

Before you know it, your identity appears to shift.

Consciousness is recovering, recovering its apparatus.

The wise shall call this embodiment. The foolish call it killing ego.


While fishing, one may whisper, here I am.

While waiting, why not deconstruct a cloud or two?

Visualisation is often a first sign.

But remember this myth is only half the story.

Don’t let it turn believable, or worse, religious, on you.

There’s tantric visualization too. That’s fun.

The mind remembers none of this. The dude abides.

Then there’s direct path.


The mind remembers none of this. The dude abides.

It's just a dream; the dude abides.

For in the big bang of self-awareness, the self abides.

Awareness and self-awareness is original nonduality.

The nonconceptual absolute is self-shining consciousness.

In case of fire, the secret to duality is the power of three.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Consciousness and the Art of Loving

Duality is the root of all disunion. All political action is reaction. Whether you like it or not, love is the only action. But everyone knows it’s impossible to love an other.

If all appears in consciousness, and seriously where else can it appear, then loving consciousness appears to be the wise solution. If there’s nothing else but consciousness, what else is there to love? In other words, consciousness is love.

Thus it’s said that one shall love the consciousness with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and thou shalt naturally love all appearances in consciousness as consciousness itself.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Consciousness Now!

Identifying oneself with something as unreliable as memory is quite the nightmare. Better to identify with the real unknown than an artificial one.

This mind remembers things that never even happened, never mind forgetting things that did.

Maps, like myths, are drawn in real time now. Memory alone is not a method of navigation.

Consciousness is the power of now. Don’t be intimidated by good marketing. In the name of the unity of being.

And awareness reflecting in consciousness. And joyful energy of bliss. Like bee, butterfly, and breeze.

Trying to remember everything I’m not becomes exhausting. Note to self: just remember that I am.

Being lost in memory with no Way out, the religion of scientific materialism believes in no way, period.

Paranoia is the ghost of old belief. Seeing through each feeling is like experiencing the waves at Salisbury Beach in 1959.

Who are you when you’re not thinking? Like “what’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it?”

Remember to self-remember with a mantra each and every morning and whenever you remember through the day. Right Guard.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dream Journals of Consciousness

The dream state begins with deep sleep and deepens into thoughts, first, and then thought-forms.

In fact, the dream state goes so deep, the deepest dreaming state is dreamt to be the waking state.

So please listen up folks, dream states can’t be killed. Dream states must be seen through. 

Of course, a dream state cannot do the seeing through–only consciousness does. This is a law of being.

For in this very dream song, consciousness is either dreaming heavy or lucidly dreaming. Choose one.