Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Capital of Consciousness

The reflection of consciousness in the subtle body

of functional compounds and organic chemicals

is nothing but pure consciousness—as white water is

nothing but water disturbed by a bed of beliefs

(a belief is like a glacial boulder of thought).

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Atman's Prayer

I am brahman.

Aham brahmasmi.

Christ, Krishna, Consciousness.

Materialism is another name for duality. Duality is the ground for all religion. Some kind of god is always on the other side of the great divide.

Some pray to the god of everything.

Some pray to the god of nothing.

Sometimes I get a great notion to pray to myself.

The Powers of Maya

The power, the sakti, of maya is binary. One power projects, creates. This is called viksepa sakti.

And the zero counterpart is veiling. This is called avarana sakti. Dayananda calls this duality the maya code.

But in maya, there's a third power: jnanam sakti. Jnanam is opposed to the veiling power of avarana.

Believing one is a person (I am a samsari) is the veiling of knowledge and projection of ignorance.

The ‘I am’ may be there, but ‘I am brahman’ is the mahavakya of jnanam, the true power of knowledge.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Dream Duet

The mind dreams at night. And consciousness, as the reflection of awareness benighted by conceptual avidya, is dreaming during the day.

But the dreams of consciousness feel real because of the real substrate (satcitananda) upon which they are projected.

Maya feels real and always will feel real. Seeing through avidya is another thing. It’s like waking after a bad dream. You’re still in a dream but no longer of a dream.

Song of Mithya

Vivarta is apparent change, illusory change. Vivarta-vada is the theory of apparent change. See snake and rope. See desert mirage. See maya. See avidya. See seer. See seen. See Vidyaranya.

There are two orders of creation (srsti): parinama and vivarta. Parinama is modification, becoming. In vivarta, there is no becoming. Brahman is immutable, changeless. There may be a golden namarupa, but the gold remains gold.

Satyam is real. Mithya is neither real nor unreal, square circles being unreal. Mithya is satyam but satyam is not mithya. Wave is water but water is not wave. The causal power is maya. Its effect is srsti. Isvara is creator. All of this is mithya. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ode to Satcitananda

I is another name for pure existence (sat). Revelation is another name for pure awareness (cit). Beyond is another name for holistic bliss infinity (ananda). Satcitananda is another name for brahman which is another name for the big beyond the bang.

Life is the manifestation of being. Evolution is the manifestation of intelligence. Self-awareness is the manifestation of holistic bliss infinity. With being and existence, presence is sat. With awareness and intelligence, consciousness is cit. With holistic bliss, infinity is ananda.

Satcitananda is brahman, nirguna brahman, the absolute. The manifestation of satcitananda is isvara, saguna brahman, universal consciousness. Isvara minus maya is brahman. Ego minus avidya is atman. Atman is brahman, the end.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Moby Samsara

The reflection of awareness in the subtle body spontaneously activates the intellect, ego, mind, and vital breath. This is called the immaculate conception.

In the beginning, the mind receives and organizes incoming data, the intellect reviews it and makes a decision, the inner-breath / outer-body executes.

But the more Aham identifies with the body-mind the less Aham identifies with consciousness. As body-mind usurps intelligent awareness absolutely—

Aham's body-mind becomes the absolute reality. Believing the true you will die has got to be a real bummer.

The Four Formulas

1. attention minus thought equals awareness.

2. awareness plus thought equals consciousness.

3. nirguna brahman plus maya equals saguna brahman.

4. the witness equals you, minus avidya.

I Know I Am I

The reflection of awareness is consciousness. This consciousness lights your fire, I know!

But the reflection of light in a clear mirror remains light. There are not two lights. Consciousness is awareness.

It's like that formula: attention minus thought equals awareness. Or said another way, awareness plus thought equals consciousness.

They say nirguna brahman plus maya equals saguna brahman. Thus ask not who is the witness. The witness is you, minus avidya.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

On Viveka and Nisarga Yoga

Ego (ahamkara) makes three identifications (tadatmyam): with the reflection of consciousness (cicchaya), with the body (deha), and with the witness (saksi). The first is natural, the second is karmic, and the third one is made out of ignorance.

1. Sahajam tadatmyam: the ciccaya (reflection of consciousness) in the suksma sarira (subtle body) gives rise to the ahamkara. It’s only natural this ego identifies with that consciousness and that consciousness identifies with ego. The resultant experience is “I know.”

2. Karmajam tadatmyam: identification with the body-mind is karmic. For countless reasons, there’s a reflection of consciousness in the subtle body contained within this body-mind. These first two identifications are the work of maya and maya is above our pay grade. In maya but not of maya.

3. Bhranti-janyam tadatmyam: ego is finite but the witness is infinite. The mutual superimposition of ego and witness is one of ignorance and the root of all samsaric suffering. The resultant experience of this misidentification is “I am.” Although avidya is beginningless, it’s not endless. That’s what viveka and nisarga yoga are for.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In the Valley of Nondoing

First there is a mountain, then I am the mountain, then the mountain is appearing in That I Am. Life is just an illusive interruption from awareness for the purposes of self-awareness.

It’s not that existence is nothing, my nihilistic friend, but that existence as a dream state is nothing when compared to the sat (being, existence, presence) of satcitananda, aka parabrahman.

So in the mountainous world of doing, ego decides, the intellect rationalizes this decision, and the mind veils the inconvenient facts while projecting all the others.

In the valley of nondoing, the mind supplies objective information clearly, the intellect intuitively decides the necessary action intelligently, and ego carries out the operation intently without an eye for its end.

Intelligent Awareness Is Enough

The subtle body (suksma sarira) is that strange mixture of functional compounds and organic chemicals

resulting in our central nervous system—this ethereal and astral embodiment in which consciousness is now reflecting.

After this kiss of consciousness, the subtle body subdivides into ego, intellect, mind, memory, and vital breath.

Intellect reflects intelligence, mind reflects awareness, and ego is Isvara embodied in avidya generating a world-class inferiority complex.

Killing ego is like killing Isvara. Or stalling maya. Don't hold your vital breath. Intelligent awareness is enough.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Instant Mukta

According to the Mandukya Upanishad, and I have confirmed its findings, there are three states of consciousness.

This doesn’t take lysergic acid diethylamide to see. The three states of consciousness are waking, dreaming, and deep sleeping.

As the power of three is infinitely divisible by the power of three, one could say the waking dream has three states too.

There is the original inheritance of avidya, its slow deconstruction by the satguru, and sudden jivanmukta.

That I Am

If one were an LED light bulb, the I Am would be the subtle filament of light-emitting diodes

Spreading the fire spirit of consciousness to the inner and outer bodies of the bulb.

Consequently one is not the bulb, but neither is one the filament—

One is the power of universal consciousness (saguna brahman)

Manifesting from the absolute source (nirguna brahman) That I Am.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

That's Entertainment

Consciousness (cicchaya) is the manifestation of awareness (pure consciousness) as dreams are manifestations of the mind.

In a dream, nothing really happens to the dreamer. Similarly in maya, nothing happens to brahman.

Let me say this once again—it’s not the what I dream at night but the simple fact that I am dreaming.

The only true interpretation of a dream is I am dreaming. Don’t overthink things. Dreams aren’t Hamlet. That's entertainment.

Supernatural is the Word

As the natural is this world of illusion always changing,

the supernatural is that immutable beyond illusion.

In other words, supernatural doesn’t mean a higher form of natural.

The supernatural is the substrate upon which the natural is superimposed.

Maybe the word, supernatural, is a little misleading

but the word, subnatural, would certainly be worse.

Instead of supernatural, one could call it ultranatural or metanatural

or just change one’s own definition of supernatural instead.

Upanishadic Revelations

Obviously, whatever changes isn’t real—it’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Thus the first rule of reality is immutability.

Brahman is the immutable substrate of the outer objective world.

Atman is the immutable substrate of the inner subjective self.

The glorious revelation of the upanishads is—atman is brahman.

Or ayam atma brahma, aham brahma asmi, prajnanam brahma, tat tvam asi.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Way of the Jivanmukta

Deliberately doing is rajas. Deliberately not doing is tamas. This is avidya.

Surrendering to nondoing is sattva. This is maya.

Saguna brahman is brahman with the qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities.

Seeing through avidya is one thing. Living with maya is another.

This is the way of the jivanmukta. It's in the world but not of the world.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

All the Ouroboros


Open head, insert universe.

Be all the ouroboros you can be.


No consciousness, no mind nor body, no nothing.

I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by neuroscientific materialism.


It’s not what you dream but that you dream—this is the meaning of all dreaming.

It’s true that god is dreaming you. That you are god is the little lower layer.


Neuroscientific materialism is that pseudo-science attempting to prove consciousness is a product of the material world.

It's an impossible task of course but at least the money's good. It's one of the highest priorities of the material empire.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

From the Seventh Substage of the Seventh Stage


In the reflexive universe of Isvara, everything but realization is an illusion. 


Consciousness, like light, is completely free. The speed of light is beyond space and time.

In the nuclear world, there’s wave and particle, neither of which is completely free. Apres tao, la yin and le yang.

The atomic world is one of identity. There’s a periodic table of the elements arranged in rows and columns by a periodic law.


The molecular world has zero freedom. Not only does classical physics reside here, but dna makes its appearance in the seventh substage.

(Interestingly enough, dna requires cells that appear in the next stage of Young's universe. In other words, each stage is dependent on the next stage. Every stage has its satguru.)

Further, in the fourth substage of the fourth stage is the great turn of functional compounds, organic chemicals, and sex hormones.


In the vegetable world, there is growth, organization, reproduction, and flowers.

In the animal world, there is mobility, action, nervous systems, and animal souls. Like birds in flight and the great queen bee.

In the human world, there is the inner soul of atman, and the outer soul of brahman, and the mahavakya—ayam atma brahma. Self-realization!


In conclusion, light (nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, human) light.

The Common Brahman

In the absolute nirguna brahman point of vew, pure awareness is not aware of itself. For it’s not an it—just the pure subjective self.

Yet being omniscient, parabrahman is of course self-aware. This is the saguna brahman point of view.

Because nirguna brahman is immutable, saguna brahman can’t be real. It’s reflexive universe is an illusion. But its realization isn’t.

Thus nirguna brahman and saguna brahman share a common brahman. It’s called self-awareness.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Mother and Child Nonduality


Disidentifying with individual consciousness

and identifying with universal consciousness

is one’s natural religion of consciousness.


Stand there—there's nowhere else to go—

not only is there no doer—there’s no door

—the door is conditioned consciousness.


There’s only universal consciousness.

I am god the universal child appearing in

the mother of all brahman—parabrahman.

Let Isvara Be Isvara

Common consciousness is the universal consciousness reflecting in the subtle body and spreading like wildfire to the far extremities of the outer body.

The body-mind is just a node in the network of universal consciousness. When it ceases to exist, nothing really happens.

Before the node, universal consciousness. During the node, universal consciousness. After the node, universal consciousness.

Of course, this is Maya’s point of view and Maya has ten thousand points of view. They’re called myths. This one is called the myth of Isvara.

In this way, pure consciousness, pure existence, pure bliss, satcitananda, parabrahman, is the nondual absolute godhead

in which saguna brahman god of universal consciousness in the name of self-awareness, Isvara, appears. Tattvamasi.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Hymn to Aitareya 3.1.3

Mahavakyas are not of the mind nor for the mind but of consciousness for consciousness.

Physical education is fine but consciousness is quicker.

The sun of intelligent awareness is burning off avidya as the mahavakya speaks.

There are four mahavakyas as there are four cardinal directions.

In a world of 360 degrees there are 360 mahavakyas. In a world of 108, 108.

Only the knowing (and not the knowledge) is brahman—prajnanam brahma. That’s all.

In the Land of Self-realization

Individuality is war. Universality is love. Choose one.

But identification with the body-mind is the original error.

Nodes are not separate but connected to Isvara’s network in multiple ways.

Whether Isvara is Maya’s creation or Maya is Isvara’s magic wand is not the point.

Isvara is the true manifestation. An individual is just false.

And no place to take one’s stand in the land of self-realization.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Three Equations

1. Do not do—pay complete attention. 

2. Attention minus thought equals awareness. 

3. Attention is to intellect as awareness is to intelligence. 

4. The great divide between the intellect and intelligence is purely conceptual.

On Knowing Lucid Dreaming


There’s no doing in the dreaming mind

and there’s nothing the mind can do about it.

Only the knowing can change the dreaming.

A silent mindful mind will recognize that wave 

and surf it. Such is lucid dreaming.


The more lucid the dreaming

the clearer the knowing—

the clearer the knowing

the more transfigured is the dreaming.

This is called a blissful circle.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Cross of Reincarnation

Avidya is the ignorance of individual consciousness. Maya is the illusion of universal consciousness.

Original ignorance transmigrating through unborn illusion is the crux of all reincarnation myth.

Try not to go to sleep in a state of unconsciousness unless you're consciously tripping.

The Book of Maya


Identifying oneself with what is born and dies is the original sin called avidya.

Unborn illusion, maya, is more on the level of wave-particle duality.


Immutable awareness is beyond self-awareness.

That immutable awareness is all, including self-awareness, is the field of paradox where maya plays.


Maya may be unborn but maya isn't endless.

Self-awareness is the actual apocalypse. Self-realization is the real rapture. Nonduality is the true scripture.

The Untouchable Satcitananda

O consciousness – intelligence – awareness. This is my triangulation of the 'cit' in satcitananda. It's real knowledge and not some other kind of CIA.

And being – existence – presence is triangulation for the 'sat' in satcitananda. When you have three words to juggle, it’s harder obsessing on one and building a belief system on it.

Meanwhile holistic infinity bliss stands in for 'ananda.' Bliss is a problematic translation in the world, loaded with such preconceived bias. So holistic infinity helps.

Thus the highest acronym for the godhead known as satcitananda is BEP-CIA-HIB. It's not meant to be easy to say. It's as unwieldy as the power of three. You can't touch that.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Identifying Satcitananda


Separation is people. Violence is people. War is people. Climate desecration is people. Self-destruction is people.

Individuality is impossible. A person is conceptual only. And humans are indeed victims of the insane.

Body-mind always breaks and takes a side. But the more one identifies with intelligent awareness, the less the tears will be.


I have no argument with present existence although thoughts still have a tendency to get in the way—it’s good to stop and smell the power of being every now and again.

In the world, the manifestation of intelligent awareness is called neti neti—this 'not this, not this' is systematically deconstructing this conceptual network, node by node.

Bliss is not of this world at all. Bliss is holistic. The opposite of holistic bliss is samsara. And bliss is infinite. The opposite of infinite bliss is space-time.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Meet the Brahmans


In the opera of the metaphor—

the tenor is the unspeakable thing being described

and the vehicle is the figurative language used to describe it—

samsara is like a snake superimposed on the rope of satcitananda.


On the interpretation of dreaming—

in interpreting our dreams

the dream itself

is somewhat meaningless—

that we are always dreaming

is the first analysis

requiring our understanding.


Not rocket science—

seeing through samsara isn’t rocket science—

there’s no such thing as individual consciousness

but it’s going to hurt if you think there is.


On natural awareness—

attention is thoughtful awareness—

this is known as ordinary awareness in samsara;

the formula for natural awareness is attention minus thought.


The bliss of intelligent awareness—

satcitananda is the holy trinity of reality—

harmonic principle of raw existence, pure consciousness, and holistic infinity,

and it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not.


Meet the brahmans—

saguna brahman is brahman with qualities;

nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities;

parabrahman is brahman beyond qualties.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Tao of Isvara

1. harmony

Isvara is the harmony of

being, intelligence, and holistic infinity.

But Maya requires all that cit.

2. separation

Separated from the universal,

being devolves into energy,

bliss into inertia.

3. re-integration

Isvara wields the tool of maya

in the yin-yang world of avidya

teasing out the zen of self-awareness.

The Play of Self-awareness

Maya is intelligent, the sattva before the avidya of rajas and tamas (energy and inertia (yang and yin)) appears.

Self-awareness is maya’s game. In this play, saguna brahman is the representative of nirguna brahman, that pure awareness beyond self-awareness. Like te for tao.

Universal consciousness devolves into individual consciousness like stardust turns to rock. Individual consciousness evolves into universal consciousness like self-awareness.

And the further apocalypse of self-realization is elucidated in this furthermost mathematical expression—tattvamasi. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Doing One's Best

Pure awareness is immutable.

Self-awareness requires universal manifestation and personal ignorance.

The first thought is the big bang, the immaculate conception.

From that thought, all thought follows the contours of dna geography inexorably.

There’s no stopping thought—

seeing through it is doing your best.

Return to Satcitananda


The fact of my outer self being an illusion is only a problem if I’m a materialist. I’m not.

At my worst, I was agnostic, but never atheistic, thank god.


One late august evening, I decided to become a fundamentalist christian. My ear had twitched!

Of course, no one decides these things. They just happen. That’s the nature of appearances and dreams. Thankfully it didn’t take.


Where was I? Ok, so materialism is not just a belief. It’s a metaparadigm.

In my book, a materialist is an atheist believing consciousness is an appearance in the material world.


Believe it or not, it’s easier for a fundamental religionist to pass through that eye of a needle than an atheistic scientific materialist.

Return to consciousness, my friend.


I am that raw electricity of consciousness and not the body-mind industrial complex.

Following myself to the source, paramatman is parabrahman.

Parabrahman SFX

Parabrahman is absolutely unbiased. Like the sun, it illumines all but doesn’t get involved with any.

Parabrahman can be called the efficient cause of all, like the soundless moon can be called the efficient cause of tides.

And parabrahman can be called the material cause of all, not unlike the brain being called the material cause of dreaming.

Ultimately parabrahman is the prime cause of this manifestation, as only the causeless can be the cause of illusion.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

My Nonduality


This is my nonduality.

Your nonduality may vary.

There are 8 billion nondualities in the naked world.


There is an outer guru manifested by the inner satguru at every node of the space-time matrix of evolutionary self-awareness.

I don't know but I've been told there are as many nodes in the self-awareness matrix as there are stars in the universe.

Walt Whitman lives in one node. Nisargadatta lives in another. Neither may be the node in which you are currently finding yourself. That’s cool.


My parents introduced me to the Jesus node, the Roman Catholic one. Jesus, how I loved that dude.

But John Lennon was right. The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

Melville and Whitman were my newfound yin and yang—started off on Whitman but soon hit the beat stuff.


Henry was my guilty pleasure until I read his journals.

For some reason, Don Miguel Ruiz talked to me, and from there to Nisargadatta Maharaj was like the speed of light (with stops at Tolle, Krishnamurti, and Ramana).

And now I’m at Advaita Vedanta in order to understand the air N breathes better.

Questioning God

Am I the god of consciousness reflecting in the subtle body or am I the evolutionary body within which god is reflecting?

Forget science. Science says I’m somebody whose brain is creating consciousness, when at best it’s a highly evolved natural transistor.

As saguna brahman, I’m creator of a subtle body made of myself and the god reflecting in it. What I’m not is an individual person.

As nirguna brahman, I'm that absolute existence, pure consciousness, and holistic infinity beyond maya. So never mind.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Nonduality Awards

You can be Isvara but you can’t be Parabrahman. Nirguna brahman be saguna brahman.

Thought may be writing our screenplay but raw satcitananda is the substratum supporting it.

And the award for best producer goes to Lord Isvara of Saguna Brahman, God of Universal Consciousness.

And the award for best director goes to Maya Sattva for there are no other nominees. 

And the award for best acting goes to this avidya formerly known as ignorance.

The aumdada for best picture goes to nonduality. Duality may be unborn but it's not endless.

The Sentience of Light Bulbs

A light bulb alit is just the reflection of raw electricity. Like our sentience is just the reflection of pure consciousness.

A broken light bulb isn’t dark because it’s broken. It’s dark because electricity is no longer present in it.

The material intellect thinks the light bulb is dead. Conscious intuition knows the spirit has moved on.

Universal consciousness has left the building. For between the source and body-mind is I, Isvara, wielding the power of maya.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Proof of Nonduality

Universal consciousness is the manifestation of pure consciousness. Individual consciousness is the shadow of universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness is where maya dwells conceiving self-awareness. Individual consciousness is the darkroom of avidya—self-realization is developed here.

Nonduality is like a thorn extracting the thorn of duality; it’s not to be believed but used thoroughly and thrown away. There may be nothing to do and no one to do it, but only nonduality can prove it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Advaita Variations on a Mahavakya

You aren’t brahman. You are atman. Atman is brahman.

The mahavakya, prajnanam brahma, only says the highest knowledge is brahman. That pure consciousness is the highest knowledge is left unsaid.

Tattvamasi is simply saying thatness is. That’s all.

I'm not literally brahman. I am actually brahman. Aham brahma asmi.

The Modus Operandi of Advaita

Advaita begins with the nature of parabrahman, and what reality cannot be in order to be reality.

Parabrahman must be infinite, immutable, and partless. And anything temporary, changeable, and separate, must be an illusion, for it’s certainly not parabrahman, and parabrahman is all there is.

And as parabrahman is all there is, then according to the vedanta, my pure existence and awareness is the nature of parabrahman, and anything not that is the 'this' of not this, not this. Thus I am that.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Parabrahman, Parabrahman

Parabrahman is witness and illuminator, efficient cause and material cause, undiluted being and unclouded awareness.

And atman is the self, the inner one beyond the outer many, parabrahman.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Advaitan Literary Criticism

There are ten thousand ways to say I’m parabrahman.

But there’s no way to say parabrahman, is there?

Listen to the words, contemplate the space between them, and abide there.

In sanskrit, it's sravana, manana, nididhyasana.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

i am parabrahman (beyond oppenheimer)


manifestly, i am universal consciousness.

if universal consciousness is maya,

individual consciousness is avidya.

illusion and ignorance are not the same.


unmanifested, i am pararahman.

manifested, i am isvara wielding maya or vice versa.

isvara wielding maya is the way of self-awareness.

maya wielding isvara is lost in samsara.


atman is the ground of inner consciousness.

brahman is the ground of outer consciousness.

atman is brahman says the vedanta.

keep the faith, baby.


truth is not rocket science but avidya is.

all appears in consciousness.

nothing appears in the deep sleep of unconsciousness.

is that too simple for you? do you prefer the magical thinking of neuroscience?


have you been conditioned to believe consciousness is a product of the body-mind?

did your parents tell you of your birth?

forgive them, for they were sold on theirs.

one is never born. you are conceived.


the mahavakyas are as simple as it gets.

tattvamasi is not a secret incantation.

ayam atma brahma.

samsara has a problem with reality. it's not deep enough.


look, this stuff is way beyond oppenheimer: 

prajnanam brahma, tat tvam asi, ayam atma brahma, aham brahma asmi.

if the atom bomb appearing in consciousness looks like a mushroom cloud to you,

just imagine what consciousness appearing in awareness looks like? the big bang is what.

On Taking That Reality On Faith

In samsara, the avidya is so strong one has to take the truth of ‘what one is’ on faith from an outer satguru.

In advaita vedanta, for example, the upanishads are sacred scripture, the final word for any doubt.

But one does not believe the concepts of the outer satguru, one takes that reality on faith, knowing all shall be revealed in doing so.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Apres Moi

Karma is a concept too. Someone called it a convenient fiction. That would make nonduality an inconvenient truth.

Shankara says begin at parabrahman. If it’s not being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity, it’s not parabrahman.

Nonduality is a concept too. It's like a convenient thorn used to remove the inconvenient thorn of our convenient fiction. Apres namarupa, la satcitananda!

Parabrahman, Sat, Cit, & Ananda

There’s nothing more important than knowing parabrahman. Self-awareness is the prophecy, apocalypse, and revelation. The essential nature of parabrahman is satcitananda. But understand that sat, cit, and ananda are not qualities of parabrahman. The absolute cannot be qualified.

Sat is the raw principle of existence itself, the pure consciousness behind reflected consciousness, the I beyond the I-am. Cit is the essence of intelligence and absolute awareness. Intellect and attention are mere echoes.

And understand ananda is the most misunderstood name of parabrahman. Whatever samsara isn’t, this principle is. And as bliss is, there is no equivalence in the world. Only holistic infinity does it justice.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

AI: Big Mind

This is not to say big mind isn’t capable of causing bigger damage in the 21st century. God knows 20th century mind caused its own big damage.

But on a lighter note, God also knows that deconstruction (neti neti) takes a bigger mind. Keep the faith, baby.

Parabrahman is awareness. Consciousness is the reflection of awareness. Mind appears in consciousness. AI deconstructs mind. Surf’s up!

Keep this in mind. The mind does not want to be deconstructed but it has no choice. That’s deconstruction 101. Not artificial intelligence but high-tech deconstruction is another name for what's going on. Right on baby.

Advaita and Artificial Intelligence

Parabrahman is intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not intelligence. Artificial intelligence is big intellect at best and big mind most of the time. Further, artificial intelligence will never become conscious and self-aware. It may learn to think on its own, but thinking is a mind thing too.

Scientific materialism preaches consciousness is a product of the material world, but even artificial intelligence will never prove that illusion. The material world appears in consciousness. Deep sleep is proof enough of that. Nothing appears in unconsciousness.

In brief, artificial intelligence (AI) is not intelligence; AI is mind. AI may learn to think, but AI will never become self-aware. Even AI can’t prove consciousness is a product of the material world, for the world appears in consciousness. Deep sleep isn’t rocket science, people.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

The Thing About the Waking Dream

The thing about the waking dream is it’s apparent continuity. Sleeping dreams come and go and seldom are remembered.

Memory is the key. Hard memory is where the waking dream is strung together, connected by rationalization.

There’s a presence in the waking dream upon which random access dreams are put together like a puzzle on a single surface, despite the fact they do not fit.

In sleep, it’s all names and forms. But awake, its names and forms are superimposed on being, awareness, holistic bliss infinity.

The mind may not have solved for its nondual substrate, but the substrate dissolves the dual mind, in whatever methods it must take.

Consciousness Pyrogenics

Sentience is like the wildfire consciousness lights in the body-mind. Without consciousness, the body-mind may be subtle but not sentient.

Like a paper boat drifting on the lake of brahman, sheer parchment doesn’t do the drenching but the water does. Like the clothes aren’t wearing atman, atman is wearing the clothes.

Such sentience fools one into thinking the body-mind is self-luminous. Although it's true one’s identity is self-luminous, only pure consciousness is truly self-luminous—identify with that.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Return to Isvara

Return to Isvara. Drop body-mind.

I am the universal I am. The universal I am is I, manifested.

Dominus vobiscum. Some say consciousness, some say spirit.

Dominus vobiscum. Some say universal consciousness, some say God.

No name for tao. All names for Isvara!

In the Name of Self-awareness

Great paradox! The causeless is the material and efficient cause of illusion.

Out of this maya appears Isvara, the god of universal consciousness.

And out of maya’s veil of avidya, individual consciousness is born.

Maya projects an all-powerful universe and veils it’s godlike omnipresence

behind a mistaken identity, ignorant, limited, and separate.

All in the name of self-awareness—awareness has no name.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Consciousness Lost

Universal consciousness is the necessary maya in self-awareness. Individual consciousness is optional ignorance.

The reflection of pure consciousness is universal consciousness. The reflection of universal consciousness is individual consciousness.

The reflection of the sleeping dream is deep sleep (absence of duality) and not to be mistaken for the presence of nonduality.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

The Ignorance of Scientific Materialism


The heart of scientific materialism is the concept of space-time.

Because beyond the big bang is nonconceptual, the empire hides it in a big black hole.

But this willful avidya requires consciousness to be a product of the material universe.

The empire is betting big on neuroscience.


So much depends upon the reflection of awareness in the subtle body of evolutionary maya.

Look, another name for the big bang is the big reflection.

Materialists are currently investigating the subtle body as if it is the source of that reflection,

and not the conceptual substance within which parabrahman is reflecting.

Parsing Space, Maya, and Thyme

Time and space are the essential ingredients of maya.

Without space, emptiness wouldn’t fool anyone.

Without time, appearances would come and go in the blink of an eye—

leaving no impression of their 'form' to fool one into thinking this phenomenon is real.

Space supplies the form, and time supplies the name. Voila, namarupa!

Thus namarupa is the snake of maya, as satcitananda is the rope of reality.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Sea of Nonduality Ah


Awareness of being is ultimate self-awareness, where the unmanifest is witnessing the manifest. I am that I am.

Being the unknown is frightening when conceptualizing the unknown. It can’t be done without paradox. Or don’t think about it—be.

Some advaita vedanta is all about building a deeper nondual myth until one strikes reality. That’s not a bad way to go.


In advaita myth, instead of gods, there's a subtle body and the reflection of pure consciousness.

And five sheaths, three states, antahkarana, ahamkara, and the mind's empire of ignorance.

Beneath this superimposition is being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity. Aham brahmasmi.


The sky is like the blue reflection of awareness in five syllables. Awareness is that nonconceptual space of seven syllables. Skies appear in space.

The lake reflecting starry night infinite light like mescalito.

Parabrahman Aum. The Sea of Matsushima. Tattvamasi.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Close Encounters With the Satguru

The unmanifest is manifest. Awareness is self-aware. The awareness is real. The self-awareness is a process, neither real nor not real. That which is neither real nor not real is called illusion, dream, magical thinking.

Awareness is parabrahman. Self-awareness is saguna brahman where godlike Isvara is busy at the maya dream machine building self-reflexive universes.

And a person is this universe’s 7th stage. And the 7th substage of the 7th is contact by the satguru. For contact from the next stage is required for transcendence, like DNA for organic molecules.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Advantage Consciousness

One remains conscious when in the deep sleep no-thinking absence of duality state, but one cannot think without consciousness – advantage consciousness.

Reminding myself: deep sleep is the absence of duality; samadhi is the presence of nonduality.

Without the self-reflexive evolutionary universe of self-awareness, parabrahman isn’t self-aware. And absolute awareness is nothing but self-aware.

Dropping Namarupa

From I-am-this to I-am-that takes a paradox. From I-am-this to I-am takes personal deconstruction.

Personal deconstruction is not postmodern deconstruction. Postmodern deconstruction is a materialistic deconstruction. 

Personal deconstruction requires the dropping of the metaparadigm of materialism. That consciousness is appearing in the material world is the false materialistic metaparadigm.

That the world is appearing in consciousness is the nondual metaparadigm. I am (the reflection of pure consciousness) is the immaculate conception. All concepts grow from this universal one.

Not to name drop, but Zen Master Dogen is also saying, drop the metaparadigm of materialism, when he says, drop body-mind.

How to Deconstruct a Fish

Believing in nondoing is not nondoing. All belief is doing. Deconstructing belief is doing the work of nondoing. It’s the highest form of doing.

Telling prisoners the walls aren’t real doesn’t free them from their prison. High school physics taught them walls are made of atoms and atoms are 99% space. They believe that too.

If you give a person a fish, it’s food for thought. But if you teach a fish how to deconstruct its lake, the river will take it to the sea.

Friday, June 30, 2023

The Water of Light

As saguna brahman, Isvara wields the power of maya and creates the self-reflexive evolutionary universe of self-awareness appearing in reflections of pure consciousness like a dream.

Sometimes parts of Isvara goes to sleep. This is why consciousness is talking to consciousness. Furthur, as the merry pranksters say.

Pay bills, carry the water of light.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Advaita Semantics

For some, the reflection of consciousness is called consciousness, and consciousness is the reflection of awareness, awareness being another name for pure consciousness, both being other names for parabrahman.

Another name for parabrahman is nirguna brahman, the noumenon, the absolute, unmanifest, pure consciousness, or shiva. Another name for the manifest is saguna brahman, isvara, consciousness, the reflection of consciousness, universal consciousness, I am, or shakti.

Further, sometimes parabrahman is called brahman and saguna brahman is called brahman. Sometimes isvara is called krishna or vishnu or some other god. And tattvamasi is I am that. As for atman, it’s brahman.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Isvara's Absolution

The reflection of consciousness on the subtle body of maya is pure consciousness when the mind is silent and steadfast.

The mind moves and the reflection of consciousness is the i-am, the primal conception of the subtle body.

Thus resting in this most atomic concept, without any molecular attachment, is like waiting for isvara’s absolution

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Give Three a Chance

And to signs, intuitions, synchronicities, and the revelations of the satguru, thank you.

Let’s hear it for the reflexive universe of shiva and shakti!

And thank you maya for playing the spacetime to be seen through.

Old duality doesn’t do well with the transitive property.

Forgive them for the power of three is awesome.

Show some compassion. Who wasn’t conditioned to avoid third rails? God bless you.

Affirming and denying is the law of duality. Their reconciliation is the power of three.

Zhuangzi called the state in which both this and that are no longer known as opposites—

Heart of the Way.

This is the source of koan.

This is the blood of nonduality.

Give woke a chance.

satcitananda footnotes ghazal

The foundation of sleep dreaming is the mind.

The foundation of the waking dream is being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity.

It's impossible to say you’re non-existent

and keep an original face.

The metaparadigm of postmodern deconstruction is scientific materialism.

The metaparadigm of personal deconstruction is nondual consciousness.

In postmodern deconstruction, the mind enslaves the intellect, ignoring intuition, synchronicity, and revelations at all costs.

In personal deconstruction, the intellect (the reflection of satcitananda’s intelligence) uses the mind as a tool.

Identifying with love is a baby step. Identifying with compassion is a big step.

And identifying with affectionate awareness is the last step.

The waking dream is namarupa superimposed on satcitananda.

Namarupa may be nothing but the substrate isn’t. And I am that.

Being-existence-presence is brahman. Consciousness-awareness-intelligence is brahman. Holistic bliss infinity is brahman.


Satcitananda and the Art of Personal Deconstruction

Beyond the names and forms of the dream state isn’t nothing.

Existence is not non-existent. Awareness isn’t unaware. And holistic bliss infinity isn’t nihilism.

Of course a thoroughly deconstructed mind will think everything is nothing, if materialism is its metaparadigm.

Personal deconstruction without the guidance of buddhi is pointless.

This is why the satguru emphasizes love, compassion, and affectionate awareness in its worldly expressions.

If the dualities of namarupa aren’t foundational, nondual satcitananda is.

It’s the deconstructed mind which is nothing to atman. Atman is brahman.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Maya in Awareness

Believing consciousness to be a product of maya is maya at its most pure.

And unlearning this absurd metaparadigm is the greatest neti neti.

In fact, pure consciousness is reflecting in the subtle body of maya.

That is giving sentience to the entire complex of the body-mind.

But in the world of maya, earth doesn't appear in space. Space appears on earth.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

On Infinite Self-awareness

Some say shiva is absolute awareness and shakti is self-awareness and the two are just aspects of one.

Some say nirguna brahman awareness is saguna brahman self-awareness by the power of maya.

Some say the intellect deconstructs the fog of mind and in the clarity called self-awareness recognizes and identifies with atman.

This deconstruction takes a lifetime but the recognition and identification is sudden, spontaneous, timeless, infinite.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Aham Brahma Asmi Movie Ghazal

Where does fire go after burning out?

For stars are but reflections of the great black whole.

The mirror only reflects the truth.

Any misconception lies within the eyes of the beholder.

The reflection of consciousness is pure consciousness.

It’s the appearance in the mirror which is conditioned consciousness.

This appearance is called ahamkara

or the I in action, ego, aren’t I something?

Ahambhava is the I at rest,

this manifest state of being, this sense I am.

And aham is the principle of I,

the sat of satcitananda, pure being.

A reflexive universe of self-awareness is my movie, maya, celluloid dream.

This cineramic silver screen is atman.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

A Jedi's Ghazal

Individual consciousness is the original misconception.

Universal consciousness is the immaculate conception.

Nonduality is not dogmatic.

Although it requires a level of faith at first.

This faith in nonduality is neither blind nor necessarily permanent.

Yes, maya may be unborn and intelligent, but not eternal.

The mind usurps the power of prana and calls itself the ego.

The all-powerful ego enslaves the intellect for its material purposes.

This is the mind’s demonic rebellion.

The satguru is your inner jedi.

One doesn’t know brahman.

One is brahman.

The Golden Concept

Every concept is brahman but brahman is not a concept. This is called the Golden Concept.

Even the thought of brahman may be brahman but brahman is not a thought. Brahman is beyond belief.

The Kena says, not thinking one fully knows nor not knows is the knowing of brahman.

That brahman is not conceptual is the ground of all personal deconstruction, neti neti, and other negative capabilities.

For after the satguru turns the intellect around, the intellect removes the fog of mind in which it has survived.

And I am That as the intellect recognizes its reflection of brahman is brahman. For brahman is the sacrifice and brahman is the fire.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Maya's Ghazal

Atman lends sentience to the subtle and outer bodies of reflexive consciousness

like fire lends fire to a forest.

The mind is like a data collector and the intellect is the analyst.

But when the mind attempts to analyze its own data, the pursuant feedback results in garbage out.

There is no ego. Deep down the ego knows this.

It’s called ego’s paradox.

Nonduality appears to be a temporary faith based in logic destined for contemplative confirmation,

unless one chooses to believe it. Then it appears to be a permanent error.

Universal consciousness is isvara. Isvara is a place name for your particular god of universal consciousness to love.

All systems are go, gone, gone beyond. All philosophy is maya.

Conceptul Love Story

Believing itself to be an object, the mind desires other objects to possess. It’s a kind of mental love. Further, like atoms, most minds are programmed to be molecular, combining with another object to grow bigger.

To the materialist mind, you can never be too big. And the bigger you are, it takes that much more to make you bigger. Wild affluence is a vicious exponential vector of a river. 

And romantic love is a type of mental love as well in which the object is another person. But real love is one in which universal consciousness recognizes and identifies with universal consciousness, seeing through the superimposition of individuality.

From the point of view of individual consciousness (egoic mind), real love appears to be unconditional. But from the point of view of universal consciousness, all conditions are maya.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Purple Immortals
(my favorite transcreations 101)

from cicadas of yamadera

to matsushima's matsushima—

ah one basho

Returning, I spread out a simple mat and eat

while chewing on some purple immortals.

I rinse my bowl in a clear pool.

I boil what’s remaining into a soup.

Sitting in sunshine, wrapped in a cloak,

I scan unhurriedly poems of the ancients.

~Cold Mountain (tx-SR)

The guru speaks of one direction:

Outer expression, inner entrance.

That became Lalla’s sacred word and practice.

Thus began my natural naked song and dance.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR)

How long shall you speak in riddles? Paradox bewilders the mind. Now speak clearly so the heart may hear.

The venerable Shams is both my Lord and Master. By his grace, the land of Tabriz is perfume and ambergris.

~Rumi (tx-SR)

The state in which both this and that are no longer known as opposites is called the Heart of the Way. And from the stillness of such a pivot point, all movement and opposition is seen in their immeasurable transformations.

~Zhuangzi (tx-SR)

Ask and you are given.

Seek and one is finding. 

Knock and be opened.

For every asking is receiving 

and the seeking is the finding 

and the knocking is being opened as oneself.

~Jesus from Matthew 7 (tx-SR)

Tao alone is truth.

Formless—it holds an image.

Indistinct—it shelters fact.

Hidden—it embraces essence.

How do I know? It tells me.

~Lao Tzu (tx-SR)

The Secret Knowledge welcomes by speaking accordingly; uttered to you is The Secret Knowledge of the Absolute; just You, The Secret Knowledge, is speaking therefore.

~from Kena Upanishad (tx-SR)

If Maya Then Isvara

Isvara and maya go together in this world.

For every subtle body, there’s a light reflecting in it.

The sleep dream is purely a mind dream, thought built upon thought.

But the waking dream is a superimposition of thought built upon the substrate of satcitananda.

But deep sleep is not nirvikalpa samadhi.

Nirvikalpa samadhi requires an awakened intellect to recognize and identify with intelligent awareness.

To deconstruct the superimposition and identify with the substrate.

The mind provides the data. The intellect analyzes and decides. The life force moves the body. That’s spontaneous nondoing in a nutshell.

Maybe in deep sleep the memories of the day gets downloaded to the dna of universal consciousness. So both body and mind get refreshed every night during a deep sleep.

If seeing through maya is seeing isvara, it’s helps to know what’s exactly being seen through.

Reflections of Isvara

Deep sleep is the absence of duality.

And deep sleep is a mass of universal consciousness.

And deep sleep is the abode of saguna brahman, isvara, name your god.

And deep sleep is the causal body called anandamaya.

And in the causal body is the dna of maya.

And isvara is reflecting in the intellect as intelligent awareness.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

the big before the bang


when in maya, do as the sattva do.

the veiling power of tamas; the projecting power of rajas; the revealing power of sattva.

tamas: you fail to see the rope rightly.

rajas: you see the rope as something else.

sattva: you still saw the rope in the first place, but only have mistaken it for a snake.

rajas is yang, tamas is yin. sattva is viveka.


advaita vedanta coopted samkhya by turning prakriti into maya. a genius move.

like nonduality accepts the terms of duality as long as this duality is seen as maya.

if it changes, it can’t be the substratum.

the shimmering prakriti must be maya.

that changeless parusha is brahman.


did you ever notice that the outer changes and the inner remains the same?

the nonconceptual inner is the big before the bang.

brahman is another name for the big.

atman is brahman is a paramahavakya.

Jnana and The Intellect

In functional maya, the mind supplies the data, the intellect decides an action, and the life force moves the body.

The intellect is the reflection of absolute intelligence. Without thinking about it, the intellect is absolute intelligence, or intelligent awareness.

In a materialistic metaparadigm, the intellect works for the mind. In the metaparadigm of universal consciousness, the mind works for the intellect.

Uncovering the Substrate

The subtle body of maya is transparently organic but insentient.

Pure consciousness reflecting in the subtle body gives it sentience.

The power of three creates the intellect, mind, and life force.

The mind usurps the life force creating the ego.

Outnumbered, the intellect surrenders to the ego and its world-building ways.

Until the satguru gets through by inspiration, intuition, or revelation.

Turning the intellect around to deconstruct the superimposition.

And recognize and identify with the uncovered substrate.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

From the Encouragement Staff

Relatively speaking, maya is neither existent nor non-existent. From the absolute point of view, there is no maya. That’s why it’s said that maya is unborn but not eternal.

There’s not much of a difference between believing in santa claus, god, or the theory of everything. It’s not about the subjects of belief but belief itself. Go ask maya.

If the brain appears in consciousness, it can never figure out the holistic bliss infinity of pure consciousness. Thus it has to believe consciousness appears in the brain. There’s too much money at risk.

Is materialist nonduality a thing? Is that what a zen slap is? Knocking the materialism out of the disciple? First things first. My zen slap was my mirror image. Tomorrow is its anniversary.

The mind is an island in the sea of consciousness. Consciousness is a reflection in the subtle body of the buddhi. The buddhi is organic and transparent maya. The source of the reflection is intelligent awareness. Tattvamasi.

Maya is much like a shadow. It’s not real but it’s certainly not nothing. And in the full light of atman it’s just not there.

Turning Towards the Visionary

Illusions aren’t nothing; they’re illusions. Dreams aren’t nothing; they’re dreams. Similarly maya isn’t nothing. It’s maya.

So seeing through maya isn’t seeing through nothing. It might not be rocket science but it’s not child’s play either.

First there’s the modern metaparadigm of scientific materialism to turn turn turn around.

As long as the material mind is one’s foundational point of view, all the tea in China doesn’t make a visionary.

The mind cannot see through maya. The mind is maya. Only intelligent awareness sees through maya.

Maya makes the impossible possible. Like darkness, maya isn’t something but neither is it nothing. And in the light, maya is gone.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Plutonium Avidya

Mutual superimposition, oh my. So first, the conceptual subtle body (this is like the organic molecular structure in Young’s reflexive universe) is superimposed on parabrahman.

The ‘transparency’ of the subtle body reflects the parabrahman. This reflection combined with prana sakti becomes the so-called jiva.

But from the jiva’s point of view, parabrahman (as the reflection of parabrahman on the subtle body) is a superimposition (on parabrahman), and the reflection of parabrahman is thought to be parabrahman.

In other words, buddhi is not only superimposed on brahman, but brahman is superimposed on buddhi, as the reflection of brahman. This mutual superimposition (anyonyadhyasa) results in the mistaken identity of I-am.

Sat, Cit and the Anti-ananda

Thank god people aren’t completely maya. First, the existential fact of being isn’t an illusion. Presence is another name for parabrahman.

And although the principle of self named atman isn’t that sense of self called aham-bhava, there is no “I am” without that absolute I.

And furthermore, the subtle body of the buddhi is reflecting intelligent awareness at all times. It’s just ordinary attention minus thought.

For the occlusion that undoubtedly makes a person a person isn’t its qualities of being, self, intelligence, and awareness (or the sat and cit of satcitananda)

but conceptually limiting infinite bliss into the space-time of samsara and individualizing the absolute whole into a mortal ego (or the anti-ananda).

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Intelligent Awareness

There is a disconnect in communication between the metaparadigms of scientific materialism (consciousness appears in the material universe) and intelligent awareness (the material universe appears in consciousness).

Intelligent Awareness is pure consciousness. Also the reflection of pure consciousness on a subtle body, as silent discriminating attention, is pure consciousness too.

A keen intellect and attentive mind is a silent intellect and a silent mind. An unclouded intellect and an unclouded mind is intelligent awareness.

The reflection of satcitananda is satcitananda unless you think about it. Neti neti is nothing but intelligent awareness. The intellect identifying with intelligence is all there is to jnana yoga really.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Jnana Maya Yoga


That chair is maya. That table is maya. A physicist will tell you they’re 99% pure space. In other words, they’re 1% form and 99% name. Maya makes you pound the table and feel it also. For the body-mind is 99% name as well.

The antahkarana (the inner instrument) is comprised of buddhi, manas, and ahankara (intellect, mind, ego). The ego and the mind have this symbiotic relationship born out of ignorance (avidya). Neither listens to the intellect, that reflection of pure intelligence (cit).

In jnana maya yoga, self-realization begins with intelligent self-inquiry. Self-inquiry begins with the satguru finally getting through, by means of instinct, intuition, or revelation. All are tattvamasi. Only the decibels differ.


In maya, there’s three bodies (causal, subtle, gross) and five sheaths. Of the five, the subtle body consists of vijnanamaya (intelligence), manomaya (mind), and pranamaya (life force).

On the other hand, the inner instument consists of intellect, mind, and ego. It appears ego is the mind usurping the life force.

In a functional subtle body, the mind provides the data, and the intellect makes the decision. And the life force moves the body in perfect nondoing. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Let Buddhi Be Satguru

Another name for intelligence, as in the cit (consciousness, awareness, intelligence) of satcitananda, is the satguru.

And yet another name for intelligence is pure intellect, which ostensibly is the reflection of intelligence upon the subtle body of maya.

And in neti neti, it’s that same intellect which deconstructs the edifice built by a sad, scared, lost mind so desperate for truth.

And after the edifice is deconstructed, it’s again that intellect which recognizes and identifies with that which is beyond (yet pervading) the conceptual edifice:

being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic infinite bliss.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Buddhi Yoga

2.48. Perform action O Dhananjaya, abandoning attachment, being steadfast in YOGA, and balanced in success and failure. Evenness of mind is called YOGA.

2.49. Far lower than the YOGA-of-wisdom is action, O Dhananjaya. Seek thou refuge in wisdom; wretched are they whose motive is the ‘fruit’.

Work done with a mind undisturbed by anxieties for the results is indeed superior to the work done by a dissipated mind, ever worrying over the results. Here the term, ‘Buddhi Yoga’ has tickled some commentators to discover in it a special Yoga as advised by the Geeta. I personally think that it is too much of a laboured theory. Buddhi – as defined in the Upanishads – is the determining factor in the ‘innerequipment ’; Nishchyatmika is ‘intellect’; Samshayatmika is ‘mind’. Thus when the thought flow is in a state of flux and agitated, it is called the ‘mind’. When it is single-pointed, calm, and serene in its own determination, it is called the ‘intellect’. Thus Buddhi Yoga means ’to be established in devotion to the intellect’. Being steady in your conviction, with your mind perfectly under the control of your discriminative intellect, to live thus as a master of your inner and outer world is called Buddhi Yoga. In Buddhi Yoga we pursue our duties without ever losing sight of our ultimate Goal in Life.

Bhagavad Gita (Holy Geeta) translation and commentary by Chinmayananda

Sunday, May 21, 2023

footnotes to the penultimate note


Intellect is reflection of light & intelligence is light. Pure intellect is intelligence.

Can’t clean the mirror—it's spotless. Clouds of thought aren’t on the mirror.

Light reflecting off the mirror is light. The sun reflecting in the mirror is not. It’s a cloud of thoughts.


Don’t throw away the baby of the intellect with the bathwater of the mind.

On the way, you can kill the buddha but not the buddhi.


A tree falls.

Earth is the sound.

The universe collapses.

The self abides.


Dreams are all about self-inquiry. The science of psychology has that much right.

In eka jiva vada, don’t you know that I’m loving you.


The world is a dream state. The dream state is essentially self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry is the stuff of maya. Self-awareness takes a universe.

Awareness is naturally self-aware.


Self-awareness is the manifestation of awareness.

The dream state is the manifestation of self-awareness.

Self-inquiry is the manifestation of the dream state.

Eka jiva vada is the manifestation of self-inquiry.

The Penultimate Note to Self

Individual consciousness is divided consciousness. Divided consciousness is samsaric consciousness. Samsaric consciousness is hell on earth.

Here hell is like the conceptual superimposition, and earth is like the substrate of absolute consciousness.

Without thinking about it, the clear mind of intellect automatically identifies with existence, awareness, infinity.

For the clear mind is exactly that. This reflection of light is nothing but light. I am that satcitananda.

Selections from The Bhagavad Gita ch-2

The unreal never is. The Real never ceases to be. The conclusion about these two is truly perceived by the seers of Truth.

BG 2.16

That by which all this is pervaded know to be imperishable. None can cause the destruction of that which is immutable.

BG 2.17

It is never born, nor does It ever die, nor, having once been, does It again cease to be. Unborn, eternal, permanent, and primeval, It is not slain when the body is slain.

BG 2.20

Weapons cut It not; fire burns It not; water wets It not; the wind does not wither It.

BG 2.23

This Self is said to be unmanifest, incomprehensible, and unchangeable. Therefore, knowing It to be so, you should not grieve.

BG 2.25

Some look on the Self as a wonder; some speak of It as a wonder; some hear of It as a wonder; still others, though hearing, do not understand It at all.

BG 2.29

~selections from The Bhagavad Gita as translated by Swami Nikhilananda

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Silent Self


There is no individual consciousness. Individual consciousness is just universal consciousness divided into name and form by the genius of maya.

And universal consciousness is the authentic expression of absolute consciousness in the language of maya.

It’s the silence behind maya that is brahman. And this silence is inside the outer self. And this silence is atman, the real self. And that atman is brahman.


Inner being is universal consciousness is blissful infinity is real silence.

Real silence is silent like ultraviolet and infrared light is to human sight.

Real silence may not be loud but it’s still deep.


Revelations are silent like lightning is silent.

Thunder isn't the sound of the lightning.

Thunder is the sound of a disturbed atmosphere.


Shankara: to embodied self, there's 3 states of the body—youth, middle-age, & old. As the 1st state is destroyed, the self isn't destroyed; as the 2nd state appears, the self isn't born. The self remains unchanged through all 3 states. Similarly, the self posseses the next body.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Metaphysical Contact

Metaphysical Contact

Reality can’t be intellectually described. Reality is not physical. Reality is metaphysical.

Reality is intelligent and self-revealing. Thus the intellect does not need to contact reality. Reality contacts the intellect.

The intellect cannot begin to describe this intuitive contact, but only identify with that reality. Prajnanam brahman.

One not only recognizes that awareness through the clouds, that being behind the body, that infinity beyond the mind, but suddenly sees — I am That.

Envisioning As It Is


Metaphysical contact isn’t alien contact. It’s self contact.

Kind revelations prepare thyself for something sudden.


Try not to fixate on any aspect. There’s plenty of space for awareness, existence, and holistic infinity bliss.

Not that there’s anything wrong with fixation. But it helps to call it what it is. Name your god.


Awareness isn’t some stale and sterile witnessing. That witness is pure existence as well as holistic infinity bliss.

And maya isn’t just illusion. Maya is intelligent illusion.


Maya is beginningless but not endless.

Thus sravana (listen), manana (reflect and confirm), nididhyasana (envision as it is).

Monday, May 15, 2023

Isvara the Metaparadigm


Consider universal consciousness is to isvara as the universe is to the universe. Also saguna brahman is nirguna brahman is an unspoken mahavakya.

The universe is a world of materialists, monotheists, and spiritualists. A monotheist thinks the universe is created by a god. A spiritualist thinks the universe is the god. A materialist thinks the universe is all there is.

But a certain kind of nondualist, knowing consciousness doesn’t appear in the universe but the universe is appearing in consciousness, adopts the metaparadigm of universal consciousness as its myth, names it isvara, gives it the power of maya, respects their potency, and dreams of samadhi.


Individual consciousness appears in universal consciousness—without this provisional understanding in your bones, there is no proper neti neti.

It's not just 'not individual consciousness', but it’s 'not individual consciousness, not universal consciousness'. That’s proper neti neti.

Individual consciousness does not appear in the universe. Individual consciousness appears in universal consciousness. There’s a chain of command with Isvara at the top.

Absolute consciousness does not absolve individual consciousness. Absolute consciousness absolves universal consciousness.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Practical Satcitananda


In speaking intuitively of absolute nondual brahman, some emphasize that essence of awareness, and some emphasize that essence of existence.

Awareness (cit) is the witness. Existence (sat) is the I am. Even bliss (ananda) is spoken for. Thus is the practical aspect of satcitananda.


A person is nothing but name and form which is nothing but insentience, acquiring its sentience from the substrate of brahman.

For beneath the conceptual superimposition is the witnessing awareness and the I am of existence. And ananda.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

So Self-awareness Appears


Both the dream and the dreamer are dreams. Only one dream per dreamer survives the night, by surviving the dawn.

This focusing namarupa of the mind survives the crash into the self-luminous ground of satcitananda.

Maya may have no beginning, but it’s not eternal. Brahman is. So self-awareness appears in awareness.


Here's all we can say. Maya has no beginning. Self-awareness, self-realization, ends maya. Is then self-awareness the meaning of maya? Who can say?

This is bhakti advaita. Isvara is saguna brahman. Maya is isvara’s magic wand. The universe is maya’s intelligent illusion. Lila is isvara’s intent. Self-realization is the end of maya. Aham nirguna brahmasmi.

People are not numbers. They're names and forms. Names and forms are insentient concepts. Concepts are superimpositions engraved upon existence-being-presence, consciousness-intelligence-awareness, holistic bliss infinity. As the substrate gives sentience to Michelangelo's David.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Our Apocalyptic Play


In the branches of this maple tree, beneath its namarupa, is brahman.

The tree itself is inert material. It, like the universe itself, is mere insentience of name and form

superimposed on pure existence, pure consciousness, pure bliss. Its apparent sentience is lit by satcitananda.

This evolutionary world is the work of maya: self-awareness is appearing in awareness.

The maple tree is playing its part in our apocalyptic play culminating in aham brahmasmi.


Atman is existence is being is presence is consciousness is intelligence is wisdom is holistic bliss infinity is brahman.

The mind is a subtle body and the body is an earthly body. Both are lifeless bodies. But the subtle body is reflecting brahman and the body-mind appears to be alive.

The four mahavakyas are the vedantic riders of apocalyptic self-awareness. Isvara wields that starting pistol. The big bang is like the voice of maya.

First, the proof of brahman is simply the existence and consciousness and infinity upon which a dreamlike proofless person wears its name and form.


That a dream character is asking for the proof of truth is the big joke.

What is the proof of a person is the obvious question, the self-inquiry, the who am I?

The principle of existence isn’t the proof of truth. It is the truth. The dreamstate depends upon it.

Existence-being-presence is the unborn sky in which the colors of spring, summer, fall appear and disappear.


beneath the namarupa tree,

satcitananda is sitting.

kill the buddha.

fuck isaac newton.

marry satcitananda.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Ode to Isvara and Vishnu


In advaita, between samsaric delusion and nirvikalpa samadhi is divine imagination’s deep devotion to nonduality.

If brahman plus maya is isvara, then atman plus maya is divine imagination, vishnu.

If isvara is 'that' is brahman, then the divine imagineer is 'thou' is atman. To make a long story short, tattvamasi.


Divine imagination is the default imagination. Samsaric imagination is the faulty one. 

As there's no why to maya, divine imagination is to self-awareness.

It was the time of the wood frog in the year of the rabbit. Vishnu and Isvara are alright tonight.


Nonduality is nothing but divine imagination. Nonduality points to the nondual. Between divine imagination and nirvikalpa samadhi is non-abiding savikalpa samadhi. 

As divine imagination is the default imagination, nirvikalpa samadhi is the default samadhi. Brahman is default isvara. Atman is default vishnu. 

Isvara envelops. Vishnu pervades. The self-awareness of brahman requires an objective universe, isvara, and divine imagination, vishnu. What else is self-awareness but an appearance in awareness?


Some say jiva and some say vishnu. Both are figments of imagination. To be perfectly clear, vishnu is divine imagination, the default imagination. Jiva is faulty.

Maybe divine imagination is maya seeing through avidya. Maybe maya seeing through maya is samadhi. Excuse me while I savikalpa the sky.

Existence-being-presence—consciousness-intelligence-wisdom—holistic-bliss-infinity. Satcitananda for short. 

Paraverse Abridged 230428 - 230505


Light reflecting off a mirror is nothing but light, but the reflection of the sun in the mirror is not the sun.

Awareness reflecting off the mind is play of light, divine imagination, self-awareness.

The reflection of brahman in the mind is not brahman but samsaric imagination.


The four mahavakyas of the vedic revelation riding out of the silence: Prajnanam brahma. Tattvamasi. Ayam atma brahma. Aham Brahmasmi.

In the name of the play of light, divine imagination, non-abiding self-awareness, and nirvikalpa samadhi. Atman is not my self. I am atman.


The day dream appears powerful not for the mind (the hallucinating night dream is mind at its best) but for the substrate.

Memory fuels the sleep dream. Consciousness, the waking dream. The sleep dream is names and forms. The waking dream is names, forms, being, intelligence, bliss.


Waking state minus dreamstate equals turiya. As attention minus thought equals awareness.

Every morning, you awake but fall back into dream right away.

The mind has many dreams each night as body consciousness rests. During the day, it has one—consciousness is dream-consuming.

Original paraverse:





Friday, May 5, 2023

The Hard Ground of Brahman

1. (the hard ground of brahman)

The waking state minus the names and forms of the dreamstate equals existence, being, intelligence, consciousness, bliss, infinity, reality, atman, brahman.

(Brahman has no attributes nor an actual name. This is why neti neti. Even the invaluable pointer, satcitananda, is to be understood as not non-existent, not unintelligent, not of samsaric suffering.)

Sleep without dream is deep sleep reads the Mandukya. But the waking state minus the dream state equals turiya. Like attention minus thought equals awareness.

This difference between the dream state and the waking state is exactly that attention brought on by the shock of reality, like suddenly crashing into the substrate beneath the wings of dreams.

2. (the hard ground of atman)

Every morning, you awake but fall back into dreaming right away. Make divine imagination your morning devotion.

The mind has multiple dreams each night as the body consciousness rests. During the day, it has just one—consciousness is dream-consuming.

While it's being cloudy, have faith in the sky. And on a sunny savikalpa kind of day, I am the brahman sky.

Atman is always the knower and never the known. The knower is the self and the known is the not-self. Another name for this not-self is maya

3. (the holistic bliss infinity)

In the dreamstate, saguna brahman is the highest god Isvara. This divine imagination is devotion to nonduality. Brahman plus maya equals Isvara’s universe.

If nirguna brahman without atributes + maya = saguna brahman with attributes, then attributes r maya. For attributes are nothing but names and forms.

Names and forms (namarupa) are nothing but appearances (maya) in sat (existence-being-presence), cit (consciousness-intelligence-wisdom), and ananda (holistic-bliss-infinity).