Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Here’s the thing about the truth: when it’s finally known, it’s almost impossible to think you never knew it.

Those who are capable of thinking about the unthinkable are sometimes called bodhisattva, sometimes guru.

And those who think the unthinkable is unthinkable, stop thinking. Thank you for your service.


In deep Mandukya-speak, avidya is the dreaming state, advaita is the waking state, and nirvikalpa is the deep sleep state.

Some say there are three states of samadhi instead: non-savikalpa, savikalpa, and nirvikalpa. That tracks.

~Thursday, April 27, 2023


I was more the walker than peak bagger. That’s why I hiked Acadia whenever I could.

Nineteen years past 1984 and I had hiked every major trail but the holy precipice where ten thousand peregrine falcons rule the pink cadillac granite cliffs of downeast maine.

I’m told the precipice of The Brihadaranyaka is by invitation only as well but unlimited guests shall be allowed.


That is infinite and this is infinite too.

Infinite universes are emanating from an infinite brahman.

Remember children, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


To know oneself as “I am Brahman,” yin and yang must first be born.

Then turn, turn, turn.

That the material world appears in consciousness and not vice versa is in the first degree.


This was brahman in the beginning knowing i am brahman,

the same with seers and all the people—whoever knows the self as brahman is all this

so says Brihadaranyaka 1.4.10 as in Aham Brahma Asmi,

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