Saturday, November 4, 2023

Parabrahman In Excelsior

Awareness is unadulterated consciousness. Pure consciousness is parabrahman.

On the one hand, thought superimposed on satcitananda is the world of samsara.

On the other hand, disidentifying with some time-consuming stream of thought

naturally reveals the great substrate of unadulterated consciousness I really am.

For verily pratibodha viditam is parabrahman in excelsior!

footnote 1

Not to be vedantic, but it’s not a stream of consciousness; it’s a stream of conscious thought.

Beneath the stream of conscious thought is the immutable substrate of Brahman.

Thought in itself is inert because the mind is nonsentient without that reflection of unadulterated consciousness.

This reflection of pure consciousness is not as much a phenomenal reflection as it is a conceptual one: I am.

footnote 2

A wave acquires sentience from the unadulterated sea.

A wave is rising from the sea and falling back into the deep blue sea.

Like sparks returning to their bonfire, aham bonfeu asmi.

footnote 3

The Mundaka can be necessarily mundane at times but when it’s not it’s glorious. I’m using Dayananda as the main text and Chinmayananda for review. Gambhirananda is always in play because of Sankara’s bhasya. And Nikhilananda is always clear and bright.

Basically I’ve found Dayananda, Chinmayananda, Gambhirananda, and Nikhilananda speaking Nisargadatta’s language when it comes to the vastness of the upanisads. That’s paramount here. Ymmv.

Tolkien’s ents were trees without clothes, the i am without x. Again, the reflection of consciousness is more conceptual than phenomenal, more ‘I am’ than anything else.

footnote 4.

I is parabrahman.

I am is the conceptual reflection of pure consciousness (i).

Om is the invariable sea (c).

If i equals c and i am equals wave, i am wave equals avidya (beginningless ignorance).

footnote 5.

No one hikes a mountain; at some altitude the mountain hikes you.

In North America this mountain is Denali, The Big.

Tibetan for Mount Everest is Chomolungma, Mother of the World.

Nepali for Goddess of the Sky is Sagarmatha.

Neither north face nor south face, atman is deep face.

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