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Monday, November 27, 2023

Nonduality Comics 231127: See of Awareness, Part Two


That awareness is nameless of course. Pure consciousness is nameless too.

Let’s say ‘attention minus thought equals awareness’ because the power of three.

Resting in awareness is as good a practice as any, but dreaming in awareness is what’s happening.


I know what this natural awareness is but all I can say it's not any thought swimming in that awareness.

That awareness is the air beneath these wings, the sea beneath this wave.

That awareness is my everything.


Some say awareness is not a name but a scientific term. I say awareness is as much a name as any name of god, Walt Whitman.

Shiva is as good a name as awareness and may be better. There is nothing more deserving of devotion than this grand nondual equation: a-t=A (attention minus thought equals awareness).

This natural awareness, this pure consciousness, this paramatman, this this, is the great substrate (parabrahman) upon which the supernatural (brahma wielding the sword of maya) is imposed.


Seeing through cognition itself is seeing timelessness awareness, pratibodha viditam.

Shankara comments that the strength needed for knowledge of atman is acquired through atman alone and not through anything else. I call this the Paradox of Kena 2.4

Resting in awareness isn’t resting as much as listening to the tao of the satguru. Consciousness is talking to consciousness. Quiet on the set!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Brahmavidya in the Material World

No language can describe the nondual truth but scientific language in particular is especially out of its element.

Science is concerned with the material world and is quite wonderful in its ability to circumscribe that maya, but brahmavidya not so much.

The genius of scientific language is in the inner logic of locking its discoveries into place. In brahmavidya, logic is important too, but so is artistry and paradox, not exactly the expertise of science.

Shankara, that 8th or 9th century proponent of advaita vedanta, is nothing if not logical, yet often lands on metaphor for his most important points.

The rope is never a snake, the sky is never a cloud, the desert is never a mirage, the sea is never a wave, and truth is never a science.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Ode to Enlightenment

It’s not true everyone is enlightened about their true nature, but it is true that no one is not brahman.

Enlightenment is just an ostentatious word for having rid oneself of this unborn ignorance once and for all. But I like it.

Not only is that one attentive to one’s natural awareness amidst the word cloud of the world’s loud benightedness,

but one is actually that awareness—awareness is always enlightening one if one is actually listening.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Sun of Self-awareness

The sea pervades and envelops the wave that’s not a wave but is maya’s brave new world of dreaming unawareness.

For unawareness is just a temporary state, much like the grand appearance of a superstar and its transformative return to the great black hole of brahman.

Look, only the mind sees that paramatman as a great black hole; the nondual self is in reality the self-shining seer.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

The Nondual Trinity of Consciousness

Individual consciousness is due to ignorance. All the ignorance in the world is due to this avidya. It’s why the world is what it is: samsara.

Universal consciousness is still an illusion, although its laws of nature work impeccably. You can put your trust in maya and give it any god-like name you love.

Pure consciousness is the godhead. The principle of existence is its nature. And as natural awareness, it is the deep blue substrate sea.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Three Reflections on Divine Truth

Self-awareness almost always takes a back seat to the world of Maslow’s lower needs. 'You had one job.'

Atman meditation should be my number one priority, but this assumes I know what atman really is. If not, 'lectio divina' is priority too.

In advaita, listening to divine truth is 'sravana,' contemplating this truth is 'manana,' and breathing that truth is 'nididhyasana.' Three work procedures.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

It's Brahman Time

What appears to be something is really nothing and what appears to be nothing is all there is—there is no nothing.

For Maya is the expression of Brahman through and through. Not only is love its letter, self-awareness is its word.

And as one comes to nirvana through samsara, awareness is aware of awareness through unawareness.

Such is the arc of this reflexive universe. Light is devolving into the molecular and evolving into self-realization. Aum.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The Lotus of My Heart

It’s one thing to drop an old metaparadigm of materialism and pick up a new one of pure consciousness in which all material things appear, and another thing to identify that awareness as one’s self, Atman so to speak.

And it’s one thing to identify that pure consciousness as one’s invariable awareness through every thought and not in the City of Brahman, but it’s another thing to identify with that Brahman in the lotus of my heart.

The mind may be convinced Aham Brahman Asmi, but it’s up to Atman to let one know. Look, Brahman is saying ‘I am’ with every apparent breath. If you’re serious about self-awareness, don't just sit there—listen carefully.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Parabrahman In Excelsior

Awareness is unadulterated consciousness. Pure consciousness is parabrahman.

On the one hand, thought superimposed on satcitananda is the world of samsara.

On the other hand, disidentifying with some time-consuming stream of thought

naturally reveals the great substrate of unadulterated consciousness I really am.

For verily pratibodha viditam is parabrahman in excelsior!

footnote 1

Not to be vedantic, but it’s not a stream of consciousness; it’s a stream of conscious thought.

Beneath the stream of conscious thought is the immutable substrate of Brahman.

Thought in itself is inert because the mind is nonsentient without that reflection of unadulterated consciousness.

This reflection of pure consciousness is not as much a phenomenal reflection as it is a conceptual one: I am.

footnote 2

A wave acquires sentience from the unadulterated sea.

A wave is rising from the sea and falling back into the deep blue sea.

Like sparks returning to their bonfire, aham bonfeu asmi.

footnote 3

The Mundaka can be necessarily mundane at times but when it’s not it’s glorious. I’m using Dayananda as the main text and Chinmayananda for review. Gambhirananda is always in play because of Sankara’s bhasya. And Nikhilananda is always clear and bright.

Basically I’ve found Dayananda, Chinmayananda, Gambhirananda, and Nikhilananda speaking Nisargadatta’s language when it comes to the vastness of the upanisads. That’s paramount here. Ymmv.

Tolkien’s ents were trees without clothes, the i am without x. Again, the reflection of consciousness is more conceptual than phenomenal, more ‘I am’ than anything else.

footnote 4.

I is parabrahman.

I am is the conceptual reflection of pure consciousness (i).

Om is the invariable sea (c).

If i equals c and i am equals wave, i am wave equals avidya (beginningless ignorance).

footnote 5.

No one hikes a mountain; at some altitude the mountain hikes you.

In North America this mountain is Denali, The Big.

Tibetan for Mount Everest is Chomolungma, Mother of the World.

Nepali for Goddess of the Sky is Sagarmatha.

Neither north face nor south face, atman is deep face.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Maya Child of Three Koans


Maya is the unmanifest swelling in Brahman.

Parabrahman is beyond the unmanifest

although the unmanifest is made of nothing but Brahman.


Saguna Brahman gives birth to this manifested Maya.

Thus Maya is the child of two Brahmans

or an immaculate conception.


The universe is Isvara consciousness. Individual consciousness is a samsari. Individual consciousness understanding there is no individual consciousness is priceless.

Individual consciousness breathes free will like vital air. Free will makes you suffer but you’re addicted to its thrill. Free will kills.

Identifying with the past and forgetting the past are two sides of every coin. Seeing through the past and beyond the future is a third side.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

I Am I (Aham Brahma Asmi)

Awareness is pure consciousness. This is the absolute subject without an object, physical or mental. Its mathematical symbol here is ‘i’.

The reflection of awareness is the reflection of pure consciousness, conceptual consciousness, the immaculate conception and ‘i am’ is its mathematical equation.

This conceptual consciousness ignorantly identifies with x instead of i. Such maya is apparently beginningless. Its equation is ‘i am x’.

Neti neti deconstruction is the nondual mathematic way of minusing the ’x’ until ‘i am’ nakedly remains. Actual meditation stops there—until that ‘i’ reclaims its manifest verb to be a la Aham Brahma Asmi.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Paraverse Cidabhasa

Off the coast of Cape Hatteras is the famous Gulf Stream

originating from the Gulf of Mexico flowing through the Straits of Florida

ultimately zapping its electric sentience to these Outer Banks

before lighting out for India.


consciousness knows not death, john donne (paraverse 23102102)

it’s not as much as focus as unfocus as conditioning is coming into focus

with your locally conditioned consciousness so relax—

one is using one’s conditioning for one’s deconditioning naturally

as the world turns, rain falls and snow melts

my sea ditty (p23102103)

i says i am not an x

but i am i am

as eye is parabrahman

says i