Thursday, February 27, 2014

five imajins

driftwood flowers blossom
in a sea of buddha nature—
on the beach, natives search
for grains of sand…

in the desert
there's this single candle—
all around is nothing
but creosote and sage—
it is burning incessantly
but it burns without a flame

there's a house that sits on a bluff
above the sea—
its windows look out upon
a precipice of sky—
when its doors fly open
no one is at home

out of nowhere came
the mountain—
it fills the sky with a vacancy
of rock and clarity—
even the undertaker laughs
at such transparent

coyote is crossing
the interstate—
it’s headed for the other side
below sky city—
an attentive focus narrowly avoids
a black infiniti

Monday, February 24, 2014

profisee 47 - as universe so you

the light of consciousness
freezes into the material
and then in a process known
as evolution

as above so below

the light of consciousness
freezes into the ego
and then in a process known
as self-inquiry

as ice is never not water

the light of consciousness
is always
the light of consciousness

Thursday, February 20, 2014

profisee 46 - that fifteen-second spot

the desire
to know what one is—
the intelligence
to know what one isn't—
the maturity
to know one is unknowable—
the simplicity
to just be

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

profisee 45 - a/0

to respond to division
with division
always equals
more division

but to respond to division
with nothing
is the end of that story

Monday, February 10, 2014

Merrimack River Nows — selected - Jan 2014

Jan 1
ice sheets in continental collision—silver shards thrust-faulting into fantastic arctic mountain ranges—a geologic era now taking seconds

Jan 6
fog, like a conceptual identity, lifts, and the silver waterway is there, as it always is, open, spontaneous, and never the same river twice

Jan 14
rain falls, fog forms, and the river appears to disappear on the way out to sea—sometimes i get a great notion to jump in the current and be

Jan 15
scintillating ice stars in a sky of river

Jan 17
sparkling high water has made this low-lying reach a no man’s land—the yawp of geese, laughter of ducks, rushes of being

Jan 22
a tugboat fragments polar vortex ice—an eagle’s wings divine the mystic currents

Jan 24
stopping by the roadside on an open bluff above a frozen river in zero degree wind chill sunshine, i grasp the raw stillness—changing a tire
Jan 26
in the wind-swept mirror of perfect ice—eastern white pines

Jan 27
reflections on thin ice—shadows and light—an engine of wind—sounds like shattering glass—the scrape of a leaf—absolutely no one is here now

Jan 29
ice floes leaving the mouth of the river like words defining infinity

Jan 31
black and white notions relentlessly swarming in confusion—feeding the seagulls

Saturday, February 8, 2014

profisee 44 - the great wave off the absolute

human civilization is
just this slight crazy detour
in the universal evolution
of light returning to light—

there's no fixing a detour;
there's just getting back on the way—

before the great wave returns to the sea,
it curves, breaks,
and crashes in upon itself—

in this way of the great wave,
the wave comes to know it’s a wave,
the false knows it’s the false,
and only the truth of the sea is


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Merrimack River Nows — selected - Dec 2013

Dec 1
hawk eye looks within the high slack tide mirroring a wild december sky and cries ten thousand miles of recognition

Dec 3
trawlers docked at the newburyport waterfront and a clear river running high tide blue back to its open mouth and the maw of the sea

Dec 6
king high tide swelling at the seam of low climactic shores

Dec 7
river keep on flowing, winter sun keep on lowering

Dec 10
first, three white swans appear on the river. then a light snow begins to fall

Dec 13
afternoon sun flashing on the first ice of the winter, vast slabs flowing downriver in the aftermath of deep tidal fracturing

Dec 19
an airboat maneuvers through an archipelago of ice floes—buffleheads dive beneath a photovoltaic array of suns—the winter solstice looms

Dec 20
ice floes riding tide upriver—loons diving toward reflections—eagle chasing eagle

Dec 24
above the lonesome christmas eve impassive river—three birds of prey

Dec 25
delicate blossoming ice like wild mercurial chrysanthemums

Dec 31
the graceful sail of another eagle, another year