Saturday, May 30, 2020

Night of Trinity

Begin at the beginning is just another way of saying consciousness is monarch. Am I awareness, being, and intent, butterfly?

If unity is necessarily fascist and duality is inherently violent, then any holy trinity is obviously magical.

This is why the best of empires are political. One who's busy taking sides is never three.

Three is parent, child, and evolution. Three is wisdom, love, and tantric in-between. Three is word, sentence, paraverse.

This is when a natural metaphor appears. I hear the motorboats along the tongue of river sandbar beneath the half moon turning full.

wearing a mask in a pandemic is like wearing clothes in society. believe me, you want me to.

any decent trinity is first sign of nonduality

no sides but sideways

666 is a manufactured trinity of mere belief. being is 333...

dreaming 101. to know a trope when you are one, know first what a damned trope is.

in other words, a figure of speech

self-awareness is my job. suffering is leisure time.

conditioned consciousness believes one is separate from the universal. first there's pain and this is why there's pain. basically, it's the second noble truth.

idleness, idleness, idleness

maintain body. entertain mind.

being be

suffering, separation, being, idleness

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Grand Junction

All-day the flowery filaments of black walnut trees go streaming through the almost-summer air. Birds are disappearing into newfound leaves of trees to birth new birds in secret.

Now is the spring of penultimate formation before the summer solstice empties out the sun. Transformation is the play of consciousness; discontent is in believing there's a finished work.

Emptiness is full of transformation. Form is empty but electrons streaming through deep space. There's nothing one can grab a hold to but this dream which grabbed its hold on me midstream.

Another crescent moon is setting in the northwest sky tonight as Venus sets to vanish in her last dance of the season. This summer is the summer of the morning star, my love. Let us go.

"Venus will continue to reign in the evening sky until June 3, when the planet reaches inferior solar conjunction, or the point in its orbit where it is almost directly between Earth and the sun.

At this time, Venus will be difficult to see, because it rises and sets at the same time as the sun and will be overpowered by the sun's powerful glare.

In the days following inferior conjunction, Venus will reappear in the dawn sky as a "morning star." The planet will reach the greatest brightness of its morning apparition on July 10..."


1a. no sooner did i see them, they were falling.
1b. first it took the grackles. then it took the goldfinch.
2a. if late may is like a runaway train, late june is like a bridge to nowhere.
2b. there’s no end to consciousness; there’s just effacing memory.
3a.  no damn cat, no damn emptiness.
3b. dreams are neither real nor unreal, yet dreams are happening, baby.
4a. as venus is the light of love, all emotion is being filtered by belief.
4b. never underestimate fate. it’s just another name for evolutionary self-awareness or enlightening intent. aka nondoing.

scientific method is like setting the odds. but don't mistake it for a sure thing.

scientific theory is like long odds. don't bet on it.

replacing gods with scientific theory only gets you though the day

the dark night of the soul can't be entertained

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I Usurp

The defining quality of the personal is believing in a self separate from the universal.

Within the evolutionary process of absolute self-awareness, this is not a bug as much as it's a feature.

Absolute self-awareness, at last, is conceptual, and there is no usurpation of the absolute which is not conceptual.

Enlightenment isn't personal but it's certainly individual as self-awareness presupposes self.

This is not the way of love although such love is generated in its wake. I am the universe and all is my projection.

1. pain is the universal reminding the mind that it’s not personal. suffering is the mind ignoring the obvious.

2. so the mind gets lost in itself. whirlpool meet river.

3. social conditioning may be viral but being is immaculate. scientific materialist, heal thyself.

fear of transformation is the human condition. 
deriding silence is a mind trip.

to pure being, belief is disease, of course.
to an uneasy mind, simple disbelief is supernatural healing.

self-awareness is not a destination. it’s my way.
there are as many features as there are buddhas. self-awareness is one of ten-thousand. like jesus is just one of three.

render unto caesar face masks, but render unto god original face.
did donald trump save seven billion people? one shall never know.

don’t bet your birthright on anything but a sure thing.
only consciousness is sure. all things only appear in it.

honor the blessed sacrifice of empire and wake up
appreciate the indoor plumbing and wake up
annoint the body of the sacred deer and wake up

4. enlightenment. some folks hate that word. meet my myth.

love is like an ouroboros.
a tail emerges from the yawp.
self-awareness is an ouroboros
swallowing the story seeing through it.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Moonflower Moonflower

Without the mind, there is no self-awareness. To the mind, self-awareness is crown jewel of evolutionary theory.

If self-awareness isn't, nothing is. Nameless awareness being self-aware isn't myth as much as primal mind.

If all is well, then mind is too. Face it, all ways lead to self-awareness. If the ground is earth, self-awareness is the flower;

if the ground is sky, self-awareness is a super moon. And as there is no place for love like earth, there is no place for wisdom like the sky.

Consider the night-blooming moonflower. Empire calls it ipomoea. Call it both ways now.

There's no need to polish a flower. There’s not a memory of last night’s new moon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Art of Way and Aviary Metaphor

Memory is a rabbit hole. Being is the way. Belief is like the manufacture of a way made out of memory.

Way isn't made of memory. Way is not a form. The way is natural, transformative, intentional, spontaneous, and self-aware.

The way is not a thought of some design. You cannot memorize the way but love it. You cannot objectify the way but be it.

You can’t even name the way without dividing way and the way is not divisible. Call this the first paradox.

The way is like the spring. First there is a flower. Then there is a metaphor. Last there is a name. Experience, art, and empire.

There's a bird of black and white at rest but orange flame in flight. Call it the valley spirit.

one who lives by memory dies by memory.

memory is the stuff of form. transformation is the stuff of emptiness.

instructors teach. knowing loves.

the name of original sin is any name.

art remembers experience. names forget.

empires only rise and fall. spirit is and isn’t.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Three May Way

Spring is nothing but emptiness tuning fiddleheads turning polypodiopsida polypodiopsida.

Birdsong, the universal consciousness of tree frogs, and Po Chu-i supply the harmonies tonight.

Nature knows no division. That's why we go to the woods. Escaping the politics of business becomes our only business.

I could have been somebody but nowhere man and my holy fear of some success is sucessfully stopping me.

The glass is full and empty. I can see the glass itself is a concept too. Listen, there's a boy who is crying wolf

as if there's a dream that wants to cry. In other words, nothing is known but the knowledge of being.

That which is unknown is conceptually unknown, a mythic concept, or this is tantric that. Know oneself as if there's no one else to know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

This Consciousness Song

If consciousness is the secret, thought is the box. Ipso facto, there's no thinking outside the box. The box is just a day of rain.

In a desert flower garden, there's a gateless fence and the memory of smell. For consciousness is what remains after all thought dries.

There's no describing consciousness. This is why there's song. And dance. Haiku business or Gregorian chant.

There's nothing but consciousness. Everything appears in consciousness. There's no such thing as unconsciousness.

And all that is not consciousness is the unknown godhead and unmanifest love supreme.

1. thinking outside the box is doublespeak for rethinking things.

2. in a desert flower would be more imagistic but in a garden would be more mythic—but the tropes of gate and smell require both. so desert flower garden is the great compromise of this particular paraverse.

one of the genius things about ryokan is his lovely commentary on living understanding being. he'd be great on twitter.

3. binary code behind this particular revelation: memory describes / being sings

4. an homage to the belfast cowboy.

5. maharaj and trane.

pervading oligarchy and democracy is emptiness no matter what you believe

there's an argument for either one to cut the losses

that's the hard thing about a zero sum game

love dances to a different drummer every day. because deep sleep.

coyote knows what you want but the guru knows what you need. so what's the difference?

believe it or not, as bhoga is to bhakta, scientific materialism is to yogacara

there is more than one way of looking at a blackbird, wallace stevens

time is always interesting somewhere

"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to"

projection is love

denial isn't

repeat after me

i am the antibody

Saturday, May 9, 2020

First Love, First Word

Consciousness is cause and consciousness is the result. The rest is causelessness. Sun flurry May Ninth Symphony New England butternut translucent green leaf folk song.

Nothing is just another name for the nameless. Being is the only knowledge and that knowledge is nameless. Names are made to classify universal consciousness.

No classification is universal. Every classification is a language unto itself. For social conditioning is a matter of time, classification, and survival of the fittest memory.

The fittest memory is the one intending love. Those that don't are soon forgotten or repressed if necessary. God bless the child who never knew. And forgive them.

True poetry declassifies. There's a reason why taxonomy is in the language of the empire. And not indigenous to place. The indigenous names for nature are yet classifying love.

The classification of species is all about the classes. Plantae tracheophytes angiosperms eudicots rosids rosaceae rosoideae roseae rosa is a rose. What is the Algonquin name for fiddlehead, Dorothy Parker?

Love is the union of love with love. This is the greatest paradox ever told. Being is only consciousness. Love is the only knowledge. Child consciousness is the teacher.

As pure consciousness is the immaculate conception and awareness is no mind, unconditional love is now without a thought. Venus is further northwest tonight.

without consciousness, where am I?

only consciousness is the name of the nameless

the memory of love is not a memory.

when the going gets shaman, the guru gets reaL

geronimo is geronimo. jesus is jesus.

no guru, no scientist, no shaman.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Project Wave

Being is not a thought but it's the breath of thought. Seeing through thought and focusing

on breathing are the yin and yang of this fact. And the electromagnetic property of light.

Love or deconstruction—the road not taken makes all the difference. Listen, this is my secret.

Manifestation happens after the fabric of space-time has been ripped apart. Don't fight the fruit of its quicksand.

Understand this. Surfing on the waves of love and wisdom is a third way. Make the next wave.

manifesting is a misnomer.

it’s more like recognizing new waves quicker and riding them more creatively. with love and wisdom.

and there’s always a new wave unless one’s dead or in the samadhi mystic.

learning to multi-task is all about evolving toward third way.

it’s why windows made bill gates a billionaire. that's my myth and why i'm standing by it.

karma is nothing but the mechanics of waves. surfing karma is the breeze.

better to be a nonconformist than conform. best is emptiness and form.

politics is the art of seeing through others. deconstruction is the art of seeing through oneself.

deconstruction without being is comedy. being without deconstruction is drama. history is the refrain.

feel the next wave. emotion and intuition are the guides.

drop conditioning says dogen.

love wine sings hafiz.

Saturday, May 2, 2020


O Hafiz, a cherry tree is not the bark of memory nor leaves of future virtue but blossoming being. Correspondingly, I am not the ash of body nor the mind of materialistic brain but I am.

That I am is the only currency of knowledge. All others pay with memory. Tonight there is this memory of a cherry tree, essential being, and that great unknown I am—the wholly trinity.

This morning there was anger at the world so words were said and all is now forgiven. That's the way it is with conditioned thought. It rises out of primordial memory and messes with unconditional love.

Emotion happens. Something there isn't tries to hold emotion in. Sadness is its birth. Anger is its death. On the verge of another mistake, I let my words out. My brother used to tell me to go play in traffic.

Like the morning after Ogunquit Beach 1976, Christine, when I drunkenly fell through a sliding screen door and turned to love within your secret mesh, an august sun is burning through the fog.