Saturday, October 29, 2022

Seven Faces of Maya

Consciousness is the expression of awareness. Imagination is the expression of consciousness

Myth is the expression of imagination, ego is the expression of myth.

Deconstruction is the expression of ego, self-inquiry is the expression of deconstruction

Self-awareness is the expression of self-inquiry. Aware (maya—consciousness, imagination, myth, ego, deconstruction, self-inquiry, self-awareness—maya) ness.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Brahman Isn't Atman

One's neither in the world nor of the world, but the world's in and of oneself.

Finally oneself is brahman. And brahman is neither in oneself nor of oneself. As above, so below.

As the mahavakyas say, consciousness is brahman, and not brahman is consciousness.

In other words, the conceptual is ultimately nonconceptual, but the nonconceptual is never conceptual.

Prana consciousness amplified by an integrated circuitry of consciousness called the body-mind is prajna consciousness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Maya's Third Symphony

Self-awareness is awareness.
Awareness is not self-awareness.
Self-awareness is the destination of duality.
Nonduality is another name for absolute awareness.
Awareness is not nonduality.

Duality, nonduality, and self-awareness is the Holy Trinity of Maya.
This self is awareness. Brahman isn’t atman. This self is brahman.

footnotes to self.

another name for meditation is attention. practice paying attention at least once day. and say your prayers at night.

self-awareness is timeless. being self-aware happens when you don't think about it.

the practice is being self-aware for as long the mind can stand it. in-between we play our mindless games. not that there's anything wrong with mindless games. they help with spiritual indigestion. just try not to hurt someone.

ego is me. superego is god talking through me. there is no god in self-awareness. there's only consciousness. 

consciousness isn't a god. although everything appears in consciousness and everything is consciousness, all isn't consciousness.

reminder. there are three states of consciousness, five superimpositions and seven stages of self-awareness.

as you will remember, the three states of consciousness are waking, dreaming, and deep sleeping.

the waking state includes higher states of waking consciousness. and lower states of waking consciousness as well. ultimately they're all conceptual.

the five superimpositions are outer, inner, thinker, doer, and lover

bell calls the seven stages of self-awareness, light, nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, and dominion.

also remember, there are four mahavakyas. prajnanam brahma, tattvamasi, ayam atma brahma, aham brahmasmi.

my transcreation goes, consciousness is brahman, there is no transcreation for tattvamasi, this atman is brahman, i am brahman.

similarly, if prana consciousness is, i am; and prajna consciousness is, i am that; ouroboric self-awareness is, i am that i am.

if all goes as planned, the world's population will hit 8 billion before the end of 2022. that's 8 billion buddhas. if there's ten thousand universes in every buddha, that's further than the webb can see. 

"everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star." other selves are circumstantial. all i really know is myself. i assume the same is true for you. if not, try it for 3 weeks.

i purchased a ticket to omnipresent self-awareness and all i got was this body-mind.

the body-mind is formula one. dna is like original script. revelation is like going off script. revelation is like going off script. social conditioning sucks. love doesn't suck. 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Transcreating Four Agreements

I’m still very much a fan of the four agreements. They’re not like the ten commandments. Rather they're understandings, agreements with ourself. They’re psychological mahavakyas. They’re contemporary new age non-nihilistic neti neti. They’re an elementary education for those lost in the material world.

Impeccable is quite the word. Not capable of sin. Flawless. True words are flawless diamonds.

The taking things as a person is what makes you a person blues.

Belief makes an ass of you & me.

It goes against all social conditioning but nondoing is really doing your best.

~my transcreation of the four agreements as revealed by the toltec nagual don miguel ruiz.

Apres don miguel ruiz, eckhart tolle. The business plan is to merge the streams of krishnamurti and ramana maharshi. The power of now is true to its school, good stuff. I’ve a soft spot for tolle. I first came across the name of nisargadatta maharaj in his recommended readings.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

From 111 to 777 in No Time Flat

Self-realization is the 7th subdivision of the 7th substage of the 7th stage of the self-reflexive universe. Thus 777 is the number of the satguru.

Other than being, there’s non-being. Some call this concept maya. 111 is maya’s first name. Others say ananda is whole and that’s why there’s the bliss.

There’s no intelligent design. There’s just intelligence. Only brahman is intelligent. The universe is but the manifestation of that intelligence.

Ignorance, miscalculation, and unintelligence. These are other names for maya. It’s not that you won’t ever get there from here. It’s you’re not here at all. This is maya’s paradox.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Vishnu And Isvara Are Alright Tonight

Everything is permeated by prana consciousness.
Prana consciousness is like this life force of universal electricity.

The body-mind is like a transistor amplifier.
Awareness is reflecting in the force
of prana consciousness which is the input.

The prajna of self-awareness is the output.
Everything appears in prajna consciousness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Mahavakya Slap


God is a concept. Me too.
Prajnanam brahma is a concept too, but the mahavakyas are to advaita vedanta what the zen slap is to zen.

Everything appears in consciousness. No one manufactures consciousness.
An appearance cannot create that within which it is appearing!
Is the corollary to mahavakya one.
This is like a slap in the face to the body-mind industrial complex.
And since the body-mind is nothing but a complex thought,

This mahavakya is actually a slap in the original face.
Who said consciousness talking to consciousness has to be pretty?


Concepts are tools. There’s nothing wrong in being the hammer. But identifying with the hammer, on the other hand, hurts. Maybe use the hammer and don’t let the hammer use you.

Materialism is nothing new. Ever since duality, there’s been only two meta-paradigms. Being is the first, and some say only. Materialism is the second.

Does consciousness appear in the material world, or does the material world appear in consciousness? That is the real question here. Here’s a clue for you. Try answering this question while unconscious.

Although the zen slap appears to have a physical component, it’s this physical component the zen slap is spontaneously deconstructing. Thus the zen slap is a slap in the original face.

Similarly is the mahavakya just consciousness slapping consciousness, conceptually speaking. Spirituality may be pretty, but nonduality is real.

awareness and self-awareness are nondual—

consciousness is the word of self-awareness; 

divine imagination is the word of consciousness; 

revelation is the word of divine imagination;

self-awareness is the word of revelation—

self-awareness and awareness are nondual.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

If a Snake Hisses in the Superstring


Brahman plus illusion equals rope.
Rope plus delusion equals snake.

If universal consciousness minus maya equals brahman,
Then universal consciousness equals brahman, period.

If the mind is rational, is maya irrational?
If the mind speaks in myth, does maya speak in paradox?

The world is the antisatcitananda.
Crow caws the causelessness of crow.


Something didn’t happen;
Self-awareness happens.

Space-time is a cross-section of that self-awareness.
Forgetting, turning, and evolving is the story of this space-time.

Maya is forgetful.
Mahavakya, mahavakya, mahavakya,

Evolution is the satguru in action.


Something didn’t happen; self-awareness happens. Space-time is a cross-section of that self-awareness. Forgetting, turning, and evolving is the story of this space-time. Maya is forgetful. The paramahavakyas are the turning. Evolution is the satguru in action.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Waves of Deconstruction, Mahavakya Deep


Not the car, not the driver, not even an owner.
I’m the witness in the back.

Not leaf, nor tree, nor earth, nor sun,
But the black whole ananda beyond.

Not the personality of mind, nor the universality of consciousness,
But the absolute awareness of brahman.

Not spindrift nor waves,
But sea.


A straight line is the first belief, connecting two different thoughts in space-time.

Two beliefs form an angle. three beliefs make a religion. For every additional belief, there's a different denomination.

Christian materialism and scientific materialism are not that different. The adjectives only modify materialism. They're both pretenders to the Roman throne.

A Mahavakya is neither scientific theory nor religious dogma. It's an ultimate statement of fact inviting one's intuitive confirmation. Truth does not require blind allegiance nor experiential proof.

two footnotes

one doesn't own the mind. who identifies with a taxi?

consciousness is brahman but brahman isn't consciousness. the wave is of the sea. the sea is not of the wave.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On Prana, Prajna, and the Ouroboric Myth

Prana consciousness is like I am.
Prajna consciousness is like I am brahman.

Prana is like universal consciousness.
Prajna is like absolute awareness.

In the Aitareya, prana is said to enter the body through the feet,
And prajna through the cleft of the skull like a newborn.

Prana and prajna form this ouroboric myth.
Is prana disappearing into the maw of prajna, or does prajna project prana through its gateless gate?

Is an ouroboros snake or rope?
So much depends upon our point of view, maya.

The prana tantra of I am.
The ultimate mahavakya of I am brahman.


prajna is latent and unrealized reflecting in prana. so turn it up to eleven, funky body-mind.

prana consciousness is prajna brahman, quoth the aitareya.

the priests and priestesses of the great religion of scientific materialism talk a lot about old suns collapsing into black holes, but almost nothing about that unknowable whole projecting stars in the first place.

so much depends


the prana


glazed with thought


reflecting the real


if consciousness is the wave, and awareness is the ocean, the mind is like the sea foam. 

attention, consciousness is brahman, but the ocean is not the wave, sea foam. 

atman is brahman, but brahman is not atman. brahman plus maya equals isvara, maya.

entertainment is personal. the personal is false. art is truth. truth is beauty. the beautiful is impersonal.

vedanta is just metaphysical mathematics. everything equals brahman. brahman plus maya equals everything.

1. prajnanam brahma.

consciousness is absolute.

the material world appears in consciousness and not vice versa.

this is mahavakya one. without getting this one, no one passes go.

2. tattvamasi.

there are no words for tattvamasi or tao.

3. ayam atma brahma.

this self is absolute.

do not follow leaders,

watch your self.

4. aham brahmasmi.

not exactly i am brahman,

but i, brahman, am.

i, brahman, am.

from i am, to i, brahman, am, in 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Satcitananda Paravakya

Intuition is intelligent awareness.

As affectionate awareness is the ananda in satcitananda, intelligent awareness is the cit.

Is existing awareness the sat? Thus self-awareness is affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

As the quantum universe is the manifestation of being, wisdom is to intelligence, and love, ananda.

Deep down I know there’s only brahman, and I love that, am that, yes I do.

Consciousness is brahman, you are brahman, atman is brahman, I am brahman.


lucid dreaming is living unconditionally.

living unconditionally, dreaming lucidly, and sleeping the sleep of the absence of duality.

deep sleep is my everyday samadhi.

affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

like the tao, there are no words for tattvamasi.

i am brahman, is the ultimate mahavakya. in other words, i am that.

prana in, prajnanam brahma.

scientific materialism is the western metaparadigm

to the western metaparadigm, consciousness is just another product of the body-mind for sale

turn, turn, turn. prajnanam brahma.

materialism is a nightmare

earth is appearing

in the ground of consciousness

like venus flytraps

the material world is like an integrated circuit. consciousness is the power.

prajnanam brahma is mahavakya one. pass go.

mahavakya two. there are no words for tattvamasi.

3. this i is the absolute i.

in conclusion, aham brahma asmi.

from tat tvam asi to aham brahma asmi in nothing flat.

from mere discriminative knowledge to unitive knowledge

The normal intuition takes the form “I am this or that-body, mind, etc”. The discriminative process must take the form, “I am not this, not that (neti, neti).” The end of the process will only come when there is nothing left to be negated. We then know the real Self. Perhaps all discrimination of the type mentioned above has the tendency to keep the Self apart and treat it as some kind of object. In that case, knowledge through discrimination alone is bound to remain incomplete, and even infected with a slight error. We should then need a leap, with the aid of positive statements or mahavakyas of Sruti, from mere discriminative knowledge to unitive knowledge.


Friday, October 7, 2022

Nisargadatta on Awareness and Consciousness

 One morning, when I had paid my respects to Maharaj and sat down, I found that there were only two other persons present. Maharaj suddenly said: What is the difference between 'awareness' and 'consciousness', if any? When something like this happens, one does not really know whether he expects an answer, or whether he is merely thinking aloud. One hesitates to answer for fear of breaking the flow of his thoughts. But then, he might also say: Why don't you answer? Have you been wasting my time, listening to the talks all these days? This morning, however, he carried on without waiting for an answer.

He observed that awareness is of the Absolute, and, therefore, beyond the three Gunas (Gunatita); whereas consciousness is something fed by, and limited by, the food-body. When the food-body is destroyed, consciousness also disappears. Mind you, no one dies -the body, made of the five elements mingles with the elements when it is lifeless, and consciousness, which is subject to the three Gunas, becomes free of the Gunas. Awareness is the primordial original state, prior to the concept of space-time, needing no cause, no support. It simply is. However, the moment the concept of consciousness arises on this original state of unicity, the sense 'I am' arises, causing a condition of duality. Consciousness is with a form, a reflection of awareness against the surface of matter. One cannot think of consciousness apart from awareness; there cannot be a reflection of the sun without the sun. But there can be awareness without consciousness. In deep sleep, for instance, there is no consciousness (it is resting) but awareness is certainly there, because, on waking, one is aware of having slept; but only on waking.

~Ramesh Balsekar

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Six Degrees of Self


Everything is appearing in myself, even you.

This is no individually manufactured consciousness talking.

The universe appears in universal consciousness and not vice versa.


The world is unreal. That’s why it’s so believable.

Only the unidentifiable self is real. Atman is brahman.

Note to self: stop objectifying brahman and quit personifying atman.


In other words, Jesus is saying my neighbor is appearing in myself. This is why it’s love your neighbor as yourself and not as if yourself.

It’s prajnanam brahma, not prajnanam incorporated. (I saw the best hearts of my generation destroyed by materialism.)

The universe is god the child. Universal consciousness is god the parent. And I am the wholly absolute. In the names of.

All beliefs are conspiracy theories. It’s like the big bang out there every day. This virtual frontier is beginningless! Like maya, not coincidentally.

The allure of any ufo is its unidentifiability. Game recognizes self.

All sounds appear in silence. The forest is not the ground. There is no tree. All of the above.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Four Paramahavakyas

Consciousness is not a fruit of the material world. Consciousness is the absolute ground. In other words, prajnanam brahma.

The body-mind at best is a consciousness transistor. Prana in, prajna out. Consciousness is the power. And tattvamasi.

A material universe is not the big bang of an unknown god. This consciousness is the universal manifestation of the supreme godhead. Atman is brahman.

Not only is consciousness the manifestation of the absolute, I am the absolute. If one can’t know the unknown, be the unknown. Aham brahmasmi.


1. the great turning. that sudden unconditioning of conditioned consciousness. turn, turn, turn.

the face in the mirror

suddenly seeing

one is not this human face

but that mercurial quicksilver space

in which it is appearing,

that is,

my original face

that a material universe appears in universal consciousness is a dream called avidya.

call this dream samsara.

that universal consciousness appears in absolute awareness is a dream called maya.

call this dream nirvana.

believing i'm not brahman is the pill of my conditioning. 

thinking i'm a sinner in the hands of an angry god is its subsequent hallucination.


consciousness is not a neuroscience.

are we not body-minds? we are kensho. d.e.v.o.

the day that dreams the night appears within the night that dreams the day.

relax. self-awareness already happened.

apocalypse notes

consciousness cannot be defined by thought. thought is defined by consciousness.

pro tip. before questioning everything, question that in which everything appears. in other words, who am i?

if self-awareness is the manifest, maya is the hyphen.

thought has no beginning. any beginning is just another thought.

genesis notes

that which sees through thought is netinetisan.

like question belief and love consciousness. this is like the practice.

you cannot put out a fire. you can only help a fire put out itself.

if thought appears in universal consciousness and consciousness appears in absolute awareness, the satguru is appearing in your thoughts, wo/man.


as consciousness is the expression of the absolute, and divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, spontaneous revelation is the expression of divine imagination. this is my poetics.