Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Four Paramahavakyas

Consciousness is not a fruit of the material world. Consciousness is the absolute ground. In other words, prajnanam brahma.

The body-mind at best is a consciousness transistor. Prana in, prajna out. Consciousness is the power. And tattvamasi.

A material universe is not the big bang of an unknown god. This consciousness is the universal manifestation of the supreme godhead. Atman is brahman.

Not only is consciousness the manifestation of the absolute, I am the absolute. If one can’t know the unknown, be the unknown. Aham brahmasmi.


1. the great turning. that sudden unconditioning of conditioned consciousness. turn, turn, turn.

the face in the mirror

suddenly seeing

one is not this human face

but that mercurial quicksilver space

in which it is appearing,

that is,

my original face

that a material universe appears in universal consciousness is a dream called avidya.

call this dream samsara.

that universal consciousness appears in absolute awareness is a dream called maya.

call this dream nirvana.

believing i'm not brahman is the pill of my conditioning. 

thinking i'm a sinner in the hands of an angry god is its subsequent hallucination.


consciousness is not a neuroscience.

are we not body-minds? we are kensho. d.e.v.o.

the day that dreams the night appears within the night that dreams the day.

relax. self-awareness already happened.

apocalypse notes

consciousness cannot be defined by thought. thought is defined by consciousness.

pro tip. before questioning everything, question that in which everything appears. in other words, who am i?

if self-awareness is the manifest, maya is the hyphen.

thought has no beginning. any beginning is just another thought.

genesis notes

that which sees through thought is netinetisan.

like question belief and love consciousness. this is like the practice.

you cannot put out a fire. you can only help a fire put out itself.

if thought appears in universal consciousness and consciousness appears in absolute awareness, the satguru is appearing in your thoughts, wo/man.


as consciousness is the expression of the absolute, and divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, spontaneous revelation is the expression of divine imagination. this is my poetics.

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