Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On Prana, Prajna, and the Ouroboric Myth

Prana consciousness is like I am.
Prajna consciousness is like I am brahman.

Prana is like universal consciousness.
Prajna is like absolute awareness.

In the Aitareya, prana is said to enter the body through the feet,
And prajna through the cleft of the skull like a newborn.

Prana and prajna form this ouroboric myth.
Is prana disappearing into the maw of prajna, or does prajna project prana through its gateless gate?

Is an ouroboros snake or rope?
So much depends upon our point of view, maya.

The prana tantra of I am.
The ultimate mahavakya of I am brahman.


prajna is latent and unrealized reflecting in prana. so turn it up to eleven, funky body-mind.

prana consciousness is prajna brahman, quoth the aitareya.

the priests and priestesses of the great religion of scientific materialism talk a lot about old suns collapsing into black holes, but almost nothing about that unknowable whole projecting stars in the first place.

so much depends


the prana


glazed with thought


reflecting the real


if consciousness is the wave, and awareness is the ocean, the mind is like the sea foam. 

attention, consciousness is brahman, but the ocean is not the wave, sea foam. 

atman is brahman, but brahman is not atman. brahman plus maya equals isvara, maya.

entertainment is personal. the personal is false. art is truth. truth is beauty. the beautiful is impersonal.

vedanta is just metaphysical mathematics. everything equals brahman. brahman plus maya equals everything.

1. prajnanam brahma.

consciousness is absolute.

the material world appears in consciousness and not vice versa.

this is mahavakya one. without getting this one, no one passes go.

2. tattvamasi.

there are no words for tattvamasi or tao.

3. ayam atma brahma.

this self is absolute.

do not follow leaders,

watch your self.

4. aham brahmasmi.

not exactly i am brahman,

but i, brahman, am.

i, brahman, am.

from i am, to i, brahman, am, in 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds


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