Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Six Degrees of Self


Everything is appearing in myself, even you.

This is no individually manufactured consciousness talking.

The universe appears in universal consciousness and not vice versa.


The world is unreal. That’s why it’s so believable.

Only the unidentifiable self is real. Atman is brahman.

Note to self: stop objectifying brahman and quit personifying atman.


In other words, Jesus is saying my neighbor is appearing in myself. This is why it’s love your neighbor as yourself and not as if yourself.

It’s prajnanam brahma, not prajnanam incorporated. (I saw the best hearts of my generation destroyed by materialism.)

The universe is god the child. Universal consciousness is god the parent. And I am the wholly absolute. In the names of.

All beliefs are conspiracy theories. It’s like the big bang out there every day. This virtual frontier is beginningless! Like maya, not coincidentally.

The allure of any ufo is its unidentifiability. Game recognizes self.

All sounds appear in silence. The forest is not the ground. There is no tree. All of the above.

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