Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Nonduality Cartoons 2023


As consciousness is the reflection of awareness, living is the reflection of existence. As happiness is the reflection of ananda. 

As reflection is another word for manifestation, a happy conscious life would be the character of a true god, it would appear.


As i = nirguna brahman and i am = saguna brahman, i am x = samsari.

As nirguna means no guna (either tamas, rajas, or sattva (like yin, yang, or te)), nirguna brahman is tao.

As saguna brahman means brahman with gunas like a god.


As tamas is failing to see the rope clearly, and tamas is seeing a snake instead, sattva is seeing through this superimposition to the substrate of parabrahman.

As gravity is the one within the many, and inertia is the changeless in the changing, kensho is ananda in the limited.


In this maya that is self-awareness, all creation is a means for deconstruction only.

Nothing is certain but existence and consciousness, death and taxes notwithstanding.

Existence says, I am. Consciousness says, I know. Holistic bliss infinity says ananda.

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