Saturday, November 4, 2023

From Denali to Parabrahman


I is parabrahman.

I am is the conceptual reflection of pure consciousness, that I.

Omkara meditation is the invariable sea (C) immutable consciousness substrate.

If I equals C and I Am equals Wave, I Am Wave equals avidya (beginningless ignorance).


No one hikes a mountain; at some altitude the mountain hikes you.

In North America this mountain is Denali, the Big.

Tibetan for Mount Everest is Chomolungma, Mother of the World.

Nepali for Goddess of the Sky is Sagarmatha.


Neither north face nor south face, atman is deep face.

That deep unborn beginningless brahman is the substrate.

The world is just a dreamlike superimposition on the substrate of parabrahman.

Parabrahman is I.


Strawberry Pratibodha Forever—

Either identify with i or disidentify with x says i to i am.

I is the substrate but x is phenomenal. Timothy Leary's dead.

Nonduality is the Jesus. Advaita is the Brahman. Within without is the ouroboros, Paul.

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