Saturday, November 18, 2023

Nonduality Comics 231118st


Indidividual consciousness is called the knowing atman because unborn ignorance has this natural need to know.

Universal consciousness is called the great atman because the wizard of maya.

And pure consciousness is called the peaceful atman as in tattvamasi satcitananda.


It’s ok to call science your god.

God is the god of ten thousand attributes. Take as many as you want.

My god is maya neat.


Science is still looking for the God of Consciousness inside Its Dream.

That’s like looking for the sea in the middle of an island paradise.

The big bang is easy. Beyond the big bang is the razor’s edge.


Individual consciousness is a conditioned consciouness. 

The conditioner is the world of individual consciousnesses.

It's a vicious cycle.


A table is more than 99% space. Relax, you can’t put your elbows on it.

Objects appearing in consciousness appear to be something other than consciousness. They’re not.

Pure consciousness you are, Luke.


Tao is to parabrahman

as te is to the sattva of maya

and sunday is to tamas

and yang is to the guna of rajas.

Om Lao Tzu


Existence is the substrate and life its expression.

Personal lives are its writhing dreams and nightmares.

Waking up is every dreamer's destiny. Arise!


Five days out of seven I'm not saying what I'm thinking; that's my earworm to be seen through.

Two days out of seven I am consciousness talking to consciousness. Each one of those days is like a long weekend.

Wake up Maggie, I've been playing the Upanishads louder lately. Enjoy!


tao is to parabrahman

as te is to the sattva of maya

and yin is to tamas and yang is to the guna of rajas,,,

om, l,ao tzu

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