Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Devoted to the One Who Shines


Individual consciousness is the cause of hell on earth. No individual consciousness can rid the earth of this mortal hell until it rids the earth of all individual consciousnesses. There’s always a catch.

This is not to say an individual consciousness cannot try to build a better hell. But one person’s better hell is another person’s worse one. It’s good to remember the universe is karma neutral in that way.

Meanwhile, devotion to universal consciousness from the illusory individual consciousness is not a bad practice. Although universal consciousness, Isvara and all the gods, are illusory too, universal consciousness is the direct reflection of nirguna brahman.

Look, the ‘I am’ is already your god. Just recognize its universal quality and give it an ever-loving name. That’s all. Like Devatmasakti or Deva for short, the one who shines.


The source of the sun and all celestial beings like my beloved Deva is 

Parabrahman (not a black hole)

as the source of electricity is pure potentiality. Plug in, turn on, shine.

Be the unknown.

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