Monday, December 11, 2023

The World's a Stage but All is Brahman


Maya is like a prism through which the light of Brahman is passing through. Or Maya is like a laser superimposing holographic waves on the silent sea of Brahman. Or Maya is the sword of power that Isvara is using to cleave the undivided, unlimited, and untroubled into samsara.

Whereas the mind dreams in thought, Brahman dreams in consciousness. Thus the universe is neither wave nor particle but pure consciousness in which the yin of waves and yang of particles appear.

To an individual of avidya, the Universe appears to be real; to a scientist of Maya, the universe appears to be a paradox; but to that insightful one, nothing is not Brahman.


To get from the absolute immutable to the relatively transformative, Maya is assumed to be the unknown X in all such equations.

Thus Maya is not as much a theory of relativity as it is a law of the absolute.

With Maya firmly established in the mathematical mind, the Mahavakyas may be entertained, contemplated, and realized. Yes, Virginia, Aham Brahma Asmi.

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