Friday, December 15, 2023

nonduality comics 231215: buddhi knows best


Forget it jake it’s namarupa

OG shapeshifter

Snake upon the rope


On some reptilian level there is identification with the body.

It’s written in your dna.

Don’t fret the small stuff but don’t go playing in traffic either.


Do it for the reptiles and birds, oh my.

Buddhi knows best.

No dinosaur, no buddhi, no self-awareness.


The power of seven is the power of three cubed.

Nonduality equals universal consciousness divided by three or any primordial odd number.

You cannot deconstruct satcitananda. Satcitananda is the ground of all superimposition and resultant deconstruction. Stop digging when you hit water, grasshopper.


Existence is the ground (even emptiness appears in existence).

Awareness is the godhead—universal consciousness is an appearance in that deep blue godhead as self-awareness is its fractal maya.

And bliss is the word ananda is the groove of holistic infinity, satcitananda.

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