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Friday, November 3, 2023

Focus, Friend:
Transcreating Mundaka 2.2.2 & 4

2. That which is self-shining, that which is most subtle, but which worlds and their inhabitants depend upon for support, that is indestructible Brahman.

That is the vital force. That is speech and mind. That is the Truth. That is immortal. That alone is the target. Focus, friend.

4. Omkara is the bow, Atman is the arrow, and Brahman is named the goal. That is to be struck by an attentive mind. And as that arrow becomes one with the target, one's Self is known to be Brahman.

Friday, October 27, 2023

What Is Brahman and Who Am I to Say
(transcreating Mundaka 1.1.6)

Brahman is not the natural universe nor an object of worship nor a holy soul nor some moral virtue.

Brahman is unborn and eternal, appearing as many but remaining the immutable one without a second.

Brahman is all-pervasive, depthlessly subtle, ever-constant, and the causeless first cause.

The qualified one who realizes that absolutely knows all is brahman and brahman is oneself.