Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Meeting in the River of Stars

As being is in the blood, self-awareness is its fountain spurting from the mind.

My insides are turning inside-out as the sea engulfs the universe in the curl of its crashing electromagnetic waves.

Every object is in the mind and the mind is in my being reflecting this non-objective omnipresence.

From black hole to self-awareness is just a big bang away; suns are falling back to black like saturn rockets

falling back to earth as this Apollo is forever pointing and always moving towards that moon in which I drown.

1. consciousness is glass. mind is lens and mirror.

2. the gospel according to the ouroboric universe.

3. in the name of the dreamstate, universal being, and that absolute self-awareness (by knowing i am the unknown, the unknown is fully known).

4. gimme shelter in the storm.

5. Li Bai drinking alone (with the moon, his shadow, & 43 translators)

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