Saturday, October 10, 2020

Bhakta Story

All emotions are love diminished. Memo to me: don’t deny emotions in some nihilistic way. 

Either deconstruct the thoughts behind them or melt into the love as one directly undiminished.

The former is the error of all religions including scientific materialistic atheism. The latter are jnana or bhakta. 

In the nineties, nature was my lover. She drove me like a Cadillac. I embraced her with my Frenchman Bay.

My nineteenth nervous breakdown was in 1984 when the Thought of God scared the Dying Jesus out of me.

In late September of 2005, a great blue heron lifted from a glacial island boulder in the middle of a cloud-colored pond like revelations in a vision quest.

Two years later, I am slowly climbing one thousand sacred stairs of Yamadera where Basho writes within his Oku no Hosomichi, stillness and cicadas.

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