Wednesday, October 21, 2020

201021 civics 701

dropping body-mind is not politics as usual.

on the kali-krishna scale of civics, where kali wants to personally finish the mad violence of the world as soon as possible and krishna feels that love is doing exactly that, i'm stuck in the middle with shiva only.

if that called absolute awareness is naturally omniscient, then the absolute noumenon is self-aware, naturally,

where is is being, and belief is being materially unaware for the purposes of doing things naturally in that reflexive yin yang kind of three way.

indigenous footnotes

there is no separation between the land and sea or sky according to my indigenous knowledge

i've heard that to the hopi, the navajo are cowboys

i've read that to the navajo, cowboys represent the canyon of death

it's not about how long you've lived upon the land. it's that the land is living in you

all appears in consciousness

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