Friday, October 30, 2020

Visions of 2020 Now All That

Absolute awareness is mirroring in universal consciousness. Because consciousness is universal, even rocks are consciousness. Another name for this mirroring is evolutionary self-awareness. 

This universe is the Buddha of Self-awareness. There are ten thousand buddhas. Another name for self-awareness is unconditional love.

Another name for love is found in Sufi poetry, Christian neoplatonism, Kabbalistic prophecy, and the Tao of Zhuangzi.

The mind is all about amplifying this phenomena of consciousness into self-awareness. Do not forget this process of self-awareness is actually spontaneous in nature.

Consciousness appears in the absolute noumenon like a great phenomenon. Thus, as all phenomena appears in consciousness, the mind focuses the universe.

It snowed today. On the leftover leaves of late autumn. For some, it was the final straw. Like falling stars in a tangerine collapsing universe.

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