Thursday, May 2, 2024

Oak, Satcitananda, Oakananda

The world is made of five ingredients, of which these are the foundational three: that which exists, that which is knowable, and that which is lovable, either in its presence or its absence.

These first three correspond to Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, which are present in all deities, creatures, and humans. The other two are name and form, namarupa, which differs with every entity.

Rather than stopping at visible names and forms, see Satcitananda as the essence of all. Consider an oak tree not as Oak but as Oak-satcitananda or Oakananda for short. What’s good for the monk is good for the mighty oak.

a. There is nothing but Brahman

There is nothing but Brahman. All is vanity but Brahman.

Namarupa is superimposed on Satcitananda. All dreams, whether waking or sleeping, appear in Satcitananda.

Atman is the witness. The seer is never seen. Atman is Brahman.

b. Form or Formless

As if Existence, Consciousness, and Holistic Infinite Bliss is not enough.

Every form needs a name.

Question, are we the form or the formless reflecting in the form?

c. On Individual, Universal, Nondual 

Consciousness in Maya is universal. Everything in Maya is made of nondual consciousness. Nondual consciousness is the absolute ground. Consciousness in Maya is universal; Consciousness in Samsara is individual.

Between nondual consciousness and universal consciousness is the form of the universe. Maya speaks in forms. Between universal consciousness and individual consciousness are names. People talk in names.

Individual consciousness is original ignorance. Universal consciousness is primordial God. Nondual consciousness is gone, gone beyond, gone far beyond. Tattvamasi.

d. Going East

I have been one who has seen the Garden of the Gods and all I got was this Frank Waters book at a Colorado Springs bookstore: The Woman at Otowi Crossing.

The Platte River is said to be a mile wide and an inch deep. I stayed there overnight on the way to Omaha. Deafening midnight thunder lets me know its sky is ten thousand miles deep and the speed of light loud.

By the time I got to Finger Lakes, I was completely claustrophobic. No longer was I seeing the desert for the trees. By the time I got to Woodstock, I was back in the world again. My next stop needs to be the Gulf of Maine or bust.

e. On Analogy and Paradox

First hit me with analogy. Then knock me out with paradox.

Hit me with your snake and rope.

Knock me out with nonduality.


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