Thursday, May 23, 2024

Nonduality is conceptual. The nondual is nonconceptual.

Nonduality is a multitude of concepts designed to help oneself realize the nondual self. As such, these concepts aren’t to be taken literally. They aren’t the truth. They are pointing to a nonconceptual truth.

To drop duality is their primary message. Drop this, drop this. Even their concepts themselves are ultimately to be dropped, or rather passed on to pay it back.

Another message of nonduality is the emphasis of the substrate beneath the superimposition of these concepts being deconstructed in the practice of not this, not this—

it's not all nothingness and nonexistence but the principle of existence itself, awareness itself, bliss itself.

Beyond duality is nondual satcitananda, the absolute subject, the silent I. On the other hand, primordial duality says I am, I know, I love. This is as far as any fictional individual may go—sit there silently at that door. Reality will take you in. The door is one's own doing.

a. Vedantic Math

I = Ayam Atma Brahma = Satcitananda.

I am, I know, I love = pure Maya.

Tantra is to I am as Jnana is to I know as Bhakta is to I love equals Maya's directions back home to I.

b. Perennial Maya

Navnath Tantra, Advaita Jnana, and Hafiz Bhakta, oh my!

I am, I know that, and I love that beloved.

c. Real Hafiz

Again the garden has got the glitter of Spring:

The nightingale hears good news, for the rose is come.

Soft wind returning to the young plants of the meadow, Greet for us the rose, the cypress and the sweet basil.

They are spread for the wedding-feast of the wine-seller's son, And I'd sweep his floor with my eyelashes to win such grace.

For that amber-scented strand you draw across a moonlight brow

Has made a shuttlecock of my heart, and set it spinning.

I can't trust those who sneer at us drinking down to the lees: That is the kind of thing which gets a bad name for religion.

~ from Hafiz VII (tr-Avery)

d. after hafiz

The red-winged blackbird arrives in late January or early February depending on my point of view that year.

The yellow roses of forsythia appear in late March or early April depending on the whims of my beloved.

By late May the lilacs which last bloomed last year have bloomed again and once again are fading.

The summer solstice is next. As long as one identifies with earth there will be birth and death. Sunrise, sunset.

e. untitled

Atman is Brahman the end.

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