Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Reflections: I am, I know, I love.

1. The Reflections: I am, I know, I love.

The matrix of Satcitananda is not existence, consciousness, bliss as the mind defines them. Most people think the body-mind exists, is conscious, and feels bliss. Not true! The body-mind is only living on borrowed existence, consciousness, and bliss.

Real existence is the godhead. As is consciousness and bliss. And I, Satcitananda, is all there is. The mind is like a subtle body burning in the blink of that I.

In this way, Satcitananda is reflecting in the subtle body. And in its first blush, this reflection is saying, I am, I know, I love.

But as the egoic mind begins to own this reflection, objects become attached. I am me, I know lots of things, and I love some of them.

Thus Samsara appears in Satcitananda. To reverse this curse, return to that first blush: I am. That which is reflecting shall take it from there.

2. Satcitananda like the Sea

What people think of as existence is a wave. But real existence is like the sea.

People think that consciousness is a product of the mind, when the mind appears in consciousness like an island in the sea.

And people think that bliss is a culmination of the deepest pleasure. But bliss is that sea of holistic infinity and its reflection is actually unconditional love.

3. On Brahman, Maya, and Avidya

Brahman is the absolute one

like the silence of satcitananda.

Maya is primordial duality

like I am, I know, I love.

Avidya is samsaric multiplicity

like I am me, I know lots of things, and I love some of them.

a. Arizona, Japan, and Bon Secours

Existence is like that time I saw the Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi to be historically incorrect) Mummy Cave Ruins across the narrow but lively springtime waters of Chinle Wash in Canyon del Muerto. It wasn't like spacetime stopped but it was never here.

Consciousness is like that time I stood on a dragon boat observing several small pine islands in Matsushima Bay (there are 260 in total) as if we were the ones being observed instead. That's why Basho remains silent about that place to this day.

My beautiful daughter had been born. The ironic pleasure of Steely Dan's Reelin' In the Years was playing on the radio as I was leaving Bon Secours. My wife had been in labor for an excruciating 24 hours. But bliss is beyond the pleasure-pain syndrome. And life isn't fair.

b. Birth and Death

Birth and death are states of existence.

Actually, birth and death are states of mind in unborn eternal existence.

You got the picture.

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