Saturday, May 11, 2024

Optical Is Illusion

Separating name and form from pure existence is one type of external meditation.

This goes beyond not seeing the forest for the trees, but not seeing space for forest—

not knowing the space of consciousness in which these names and forms are appearing.

It’s not about optical illusions, but the optical, aural, and so on, are illusions, period.

a. It takes one to know one

The universe is the manifestation of the truth and not the truth itself.

Although the universe is the manifestation of the truth,

no individual will ever know it despite the funding it receives.

Only Saguna Brahman knows Nirguna Brahman. It takes one Brahman to know one.

b. Real maps

Boundless space and boundless time is neither space nor time but beyond spacetime.

Spacetime has a beginning and an end. Beyond spacetime is beginningless.

If it never began, then how could it ever end?

Mapping spacetime is like mapping earth. It's just a piece of paper to get you there.

It's not right here right now. Real maps are made to be thrown away.

c. Sat & Cit

Is existence external and consciousness internal? Or is Atman Brahman?

What is more miraculous? Existence or the Knowledge of Existence.

Trick question; they're the same. Inbetween is the reflexive universe of Maya.

d. Rising Arizona

Driving up from a cold wet Phoenix, we hit the altitude where things had turned to snow—

the breakdown lanes were filled with vehicles of people making snow people in the median.

Let me tell you about Sedona. It's a veritable dreamland.

Like a red rock sandstone rorschacht test, it still reveals myself to myself—

bypassing the logical pathways of my old New England mind.

The road to Grand Canyon was running straight to a big gap in the world—

it's a visual metaphor for the Great Beyond of course. People flock to the truth like ravens.

e. Satcitananda redux

Existence is to die for,

Consciousness is intelligent awareness,

and Bliss is beginningless.

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