Saturday, May 18, 2024

From Point to Point of View

1. nonsense and nonduality

Materialism is the metaparadigm of Big Science and its true believers. Things begin with a big bang but Beyond the Big Bang is given no consideration at all.

It's practically impossible to actually know the truth while clinging to this nonsense. Nonduality in general and Advaita in particular provide a different point of view, not to be blindly believed like the Big Bang Theory, but confirmed by listening, reflecting, and envisioning.

It's like hiking into the wilderness with a map. One doesn’t literally tread upon its words and lines, but follows it carefully instead, confirming it’s accuracy with the real lay of the land from point to point of view.

2. the map

In Advaita, the Big Bang is basically Maya, although a place for a universal god of consciousness is reserved in recognition of another wrongful metaparadigm: in opposition to the religion of Big Science is the religion of Big God.

There isn't much to say about the Great Beyond except it's beginningless, changeless, and thus eternal. Anything in opposition to these facts is not real. Anything which is born, changes, and dies is but an appearance in that Beyond, that Reality, that Absolute, that Parabrahman.

In other words, there is nothing but Brahman. My true self, Atman, is Brahman, the nature of which is unadulterated existence, consciousness, and bliss, their primordial reflections being I am, I know, I love.

3. to scale or not to scale

All maps are made to a certain scale. This map is made small enough to include the beginningless and large enough to catch its reflection.

It allows for the return to our primordial reflection in some way. Resting in the I Am (The Navnath Way) is like a nondual existential halfway house.

Also resting in Maya without the ignorance of what Maya is and is not are the Way of Knowledge and the Way of Love.

Further it establishes the foundational logic of the godhead being unborn, immutable, and all there really is. And thus my real self obviously.

Ayam Atma Brahma.

a. here and now

There is no memory. All experience is happening now.

There is no other. All is happening to everyone here and now.

Memory is like digging for oil and finding fire.

Otherness is like if loving you is wrong I don't want to be right.

b. dreaming

Am I one dreaming a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming one?

The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty. There is no glass.

There's only the emptiness of thought and the all of parabrahman.

Between emptiness and holistic bliss infinity is dreaming.

c. samadhi

It's not about who's dreaming who. It's dreaming either way.

If it isn't nirvikalpa, it's savikalpa. Enjoy the samadhi either way.

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