Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Psycho Brahman

Reality is not phenomenal.

Consciousness is reality.

A physical psycho is appearing in consciousness!

You are not the psycho, people. You are not the snake, rope.

Consciousness meet consciousness. 

Self meet brahman.


reality is not phenomenal. phenomena is emptiness.

consciousness is reality. prajnanam brahma is the first paramahavakya.

a physical psycho is appearing in consciousness! the dream cries maya.

you are not the psycho, people. tattvamasi.

you are not the snake, rope. you are not the scene, seer.

consciousness meet consciousness. seer meet the seer.

self meet brahman. this is the third paramahavakya.

that i am brahman is unsaid.

to recap the paramahavakyas being said tonight. 1. consciousness is the absolute. 2. TATTVAMASI 3. the self is the great one.

"this was brahman in the beginning. it knew itself only as “i am brahman.” therefore it became all. it is the same with seers and the same with all people. to this day, whoever knows the self as “i am brahman,” becomes all this."

~brihadaranyaka upanishad (tx-aumdada).

the four paramahavakyas are bigger than the four agreements.

the four paramahavakyas are not a secret but almost no one knows them.

one. prajnanam brahma,

i.e. consciousness is foundational,

in parentheses, the body-mind does not manufacture consciousness, materialist;

transistorizing prana to prajna happens in consciousness

and what happens in consciousness stays in consciousness, awareness.

2. that y'all be, tattvamasi, fool.

3. atman is brahman. universal consciousness is absolute consciousness. individual consciousness is maya.

4. i am brahman. let there be light.

Prajnanam Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi, Ayam Atma Brahma, Aham Brahma Asmi.

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