Saturday, September 24, 2022

Manifesting Silence

One cannot know the Great one. One can only be the Great one.

Brahman is not an object to be known by a pseudo-subject.

Awareness is the only intelligence. Consciousness is the only knowledge. The mind is the only known.

Identification with the mind is like living in the past. And the past is just a fiction.

Silence isn’t golden. Ignorance isn’t bliss. Silence is bliss.

After the satisfaction of a particular desire, there is this temporary bliss. That is silence.

If atman is brahman, consciousness is awareness, knowledge is intelligence.

If silent knowledge is knowing being, it’s only manifestation is self-awareness.

old footnotes

Being the unknown is intuitive. Do not overthink it.

As the attempted usurpation of the noumenon by some phenomena is resulting in the great samsaric war.

The ignorance of body-mind is the great turning in the reflexive universe of self-awareness.

This ignorance is like a carpenter identifying with its saw.

No name for silence; silence is not an idol. In fact, samsara is the anti-bliss.

After the negative has been undone in space-time, there’s this non-abiding zenlike zero called kensho.

Bliss isn’t what you think it is. Bliss is default. You can’t handle the truth. This self is great. This prana is prajna. This great intent is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the manifestation of absolute awareness. An evolutionary universe is the manifestation of self-awareness. Samsara is the manifestation of this universe. Nirvana is the manifestation of samsara.

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