Saturday, September 10, 2022

Like Vedantic Gods of Maya


To the three states of consciousness, the five superimpositions, and the seven stages of self-awareness,

atman is brahman, brahman is not atman, atman is brahman is parabrahman, aum.

If awareness is absolute, awareness is simply self-aware.

Self awareness, on the other hand, is more complex. It’s going to take some maya.

The manifest universe is the universal consciousness of self-awareness.

Within that universe appears an evolutionary mind forgetting and remembering the self.

The manifest universe is the god Isvara. Isvara is brahman mixed with maya.

The mind is like dividing brahman into brahman and maya, and then identifying with the maya.

Shiva is deconstructing this misidentification, Brahma is creating an instrumental myth,

and Vishnu is permeating and maintaining that spontaneous realization.


Myth is diy.

Like a quilt.

Brahma makes the myth.

Shiva is consciousness talking to consciousness, deconstructing conditioned consciouness.

If Isvara is the manifest (brahman mixed with maya) universe of consciousness, Vishnu permeates this universal consciousness with realization (atman is brahman).

Maya is just a dream.

Shiva without Brahma is deep maya.

Brahma without Shiva is long maya.

Isvara without Vishnu is materialism.

Vishnu without Isvara is spiritualism.

Shiva and Brahma is the practice.

Isvara and Vishnu is the nondual wisdom.

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