Friday, September 23, 2022

Malkani on Brahman and Being

 “All creation is within being, not creation of being.”

“Brahman is the Great. The Great is that beyond which nothing can be greater. A measure of its greatness is provided by the world. The world which is limitless in time and limitless in space is still contained within Brahman.”

“Things are nothing without being, their pervasive ground. Take away being, and things are reduced to nothing. The same cannot be said of being. Things contribute nothing to being. The dependence is therefore essentially one-sided. It is things that are adjectival to being…”

“Adjectival existence is not real existence. It is dependent and illusory. Thus being is the reality of all things. And so the Upanisads declare, ‘Verily all this is Brahman.’

This does not mean that things are brahman, or nature is brahman, or there is an equivalence between Brahman and the world. It means that Brahman alone is, not the things. Or in other words, things are negated in brahman.”

~G. R. Malkani, ‘Metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta'

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