Saturday, September 24, 2022

Malkani on Pure Awareness (cit)

 Thought is intelligent, the ego is intelligent, the mind in general is intelligent, not of themselves, but because of their relation, the relation of false identity, to the pure intelligence, which is the only true knower. This knower knows, but is never itself known.


To sum up, when I know x, x is the object and I am thek nower. When I know this knower (pramana), the knower is the object while that which knows it is pure awareness. This pure awareness or pure intelligence is the ultimate term in all knowledge.


The conclusion is inevitable that there is a superficial subject and a real subject. The latter is of the nature of pure intelligence. It is the ground of all appearances, both objective and subjective. It is the ultimate metaphysical reality. There is no other.


Pure awareness is no object of any kind. It is different from all objects. Its reality is in a class by itself. To know it, we must have a different kind of approach. It must not be an objective approach. Objectively, it will just not be there. Hume's analysis of the self is quite revealing on this point. He could not find a permanent self. Can anyone find pure awareness? Any such attempt is doomed to failure. The more we go within ourselves, the farther does the self retire from our view. If we could fix it, it would cease to be the self it really is. The self as it really is refuses to oblige a secular gaze."


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