Monday, September 5, 2022

Far-Out: Reappropriating Woo

Materialism rules the waves. In the west, the emperor doesn’t convert to Christianity as much as Christianity is acquired by the empire. Just another hostile takeover of a people’s god.

When the new gods go scientific, the new religion goes scientific materialism, instead of spiritual materialism. Look, the empire is all about its materialism.

When the going gets weird, consciousness turns pro. That consciousness is foundational, prajnam brahma, is not some mere commandment, but one's primal declaration of independence.

The empire calls this foolishness a bunch of woo! Some in the east call it maya. Some in the far east call it koan. Some in the west call it paradox. Aumdada is reappropriating woo for the far-out west.

Consciousness is the stuff of woo; belief is the stuff of materialism. Does a dog have buddha nature? Woo. Materialism isn't woo; it's objective fantasy. Prajnanam brahma is woo one. 

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