Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Ballad of Brahman Isn't Atman


Mind is like the steel of conditioned consciousness,

Forged in the fires of atomic maya,

Cut into keys unlocking self-awareness

By the locksmith yogis and yoginis inhabiting samsara.


And consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness,

That omnipotence of brahman knowing brahman,

Knowing atman is brahman but brahman isn’t atman,

For brahman isn’t brahman divided by maya.


And Maya is like the number zero,

Where anything multiplied by maya is maya

but anything divided by maya is undefined.


1. everything is consciousness. thus mind is a tool created by consciousness from consciousness to see through consciousness. seeing through the mind is just the beginning, allice.

2. the wave is the sea but the sea is not the wave although the sea's reflecting in the wave.

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