Thursday, November 3, 2022


Revelation, the satguru disclosing truth to the mind. Revelation.

Intuition, the mind is looking at the revelation. Intuition.

Meditation, device of reflection or consideration. Meditation.

Stop in meditation, look at intuition, listen to its revelation. Medituitrevel!


meditation 101. watching the thinking flow and not flowing with the thinking.

truth reveals itself to mind. this is revelation. mind is touched by revelation. this is intuition. consciousness is talking to consciousness. the quiet mind is priceless. this is meditation 201.

prajnanam brahma 301.

tattvamasi is meditation 401.

aham brahma asmi is your doctorate in satguru. we don't call them doctors. just guru.

poetry is the expression of intuition. prophecy is the expression of revelation.

between poetry and prophecy is this paraverse.

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