Saturday, November 5, 2022

Four Way Way

This is not that. That’s why not this, not this, is a way to that.

Not this, not this, is the way of deconstruction.

The way of the paramahavakyas is: to be is that, this is that, all is that, i am that.

Personal deconstruction often ends in nihilism, yes. Religious atheism or scientific materialism.

This is why the way of the navnath prescribes a steady diet of i-am while deconstructing one’s not two.

Viveka, jnana, and tantra, oh my! Don’t forget bhakta sings my beloved.


There are no words for truth. Even satcitananda doesn’t describe the truth. Satcitananda describes the manifestation of the truth.

The lower layer, satcitananda doesn’t exactly describe the positive aspects of manifestation but instead describes the negative capability of manifestation.

Satcitananda signifies that which is not nonintelligent, not nonexistent, and not not blissfully holistic.

Let’s call the four classical mahavakyas the paramahavakyas. Let’s transcreate prjnanam brahma as: to be is that.

Tattvamasi: thou this is that. Ayam atma brahma: this all is that. Aham brahma asmi: I am that.

To be is that, thou this is that, this all is that, for I am that

The paramahavakyas are considered divine revelation. These great sayings are not negative. But neither are they positive. They are beyond all duality.

The upanishads do not contain the paramahavakyas. The paramahavakyas manifest the upanishads.

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