Sunday, December 11, 2022

Beyond Theories of Everything: The Truth of Nonduality (with footnotes)

Maya is to universal quantum consciousness (isvara) as avidya is to individual mass consciousness (aham). Isvara is to quantum mechanics as aham is to general relativity. Like nonduality (advaita) is to the theory of everything.

This atman includes the four quarters. The four quarters are deep sleep, dreaming, waking, and turiya, the fourth, the quarterless quarter, pure consciousness, absolute awareness, parabrahman. This atman is brahman.

Aham (I am) includes the three quarters, this mass of consciousness consisting of deep sleep, the dreaming state, and the waking state, excluding the stateless state of that fourth, turiya, parabrahman. Listen, on a little lower layer, I am that.




~Mandukya Upanishad (tr-Chinmayananda



1. ‘maya’ is the first word. and not for nothing.

2. brahman plus maya equals isvara.

3. avidya is maya relatively speaking.

4. quantum mechanics is to maya as general relativity is to avidya. none of it is real but they sure put on a good show.

5. maya, avidya, quantum mechanics, general relativity. only the names will change.

6. the personal (aham, i am) is based in avidya. the universal (isvara, vishnu) is based in maya.

7. a theory of everything will unify quantum mechanics and general relativity in the future, says science.

8. nonduality says, quantum mechanics is maya and general relativity is avidya. everywhere and always. here and now.

9. atman (the self) equals aham plus turiya.

10. Aham Equals Atman Minus Brahman!


the chorus sings:

a theory of everything will unify quantum mechanics and general relativity in the future, says science. 

nonduality says quantum mechanics is maya and general relativity is avidya now.


Atman equals Aham plus Parabrahman. I Am equals Atman minus Brahman! Atman is Brahman. Brahman is not Atman. Brahman is Atman minus Aham. I Am Is The Self. The Self Is Not I Am. The Self Is I Am Plus Awareness.

The Theory of Everything is like Atman equals Aham plus Parabrahman, I Am equals Atman minus Brahman, Atman is Brahman, Brahman is not Atman, Brahman is Atman minus Aham, I Am is The Self, The Self is not I Am, The Self is I Am plus Awareness. Self-awareness.


Bond. James Bond. Awareness. Self-awareness. Atman minus brahman equals samsara. Do not believe the myth but transcreate it faithfully. Absolute, quantum, atomic, mass, organic, active, self-awareness. That aham equals atman minus brahman is quite the concept considering atman equals brahman.

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