Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Work of Self-Awareness: On Turiya, I Am & Me

Thinking is not a problem. Thinking is a tool used by the hand of being in the work of self-awareness. But thinking the thinker is the hand is not just a problem. It also hurts. The world is a big world of hurt.

In this world, love is the hand of being. The real work shall go on; self-awareness is the manifestation of that absolute awareness. Pure consciousness is another name for absolute awareness. There is no name for that.

Pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness in this process of self-awareness. Another name for pure consciousness is turiya, the fourth. Another name for this mass of consciousness is deep sleep, the first state in the three states of I Am.

Pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness to enable my dream of self-awareness. This dream is going swimmingly until I dream I am the dreamer. What comes next is not as much a waking dream as a hurting one.

map 1: absolute awareness–pure consciousness–turiya–the fourth (self-awareness (I Am (mass of consciousness–deep sleep / the dream state / the dream of the dreamer–the waking world of hurt and love))). note: the first parentheses is called maya.

map 2: some say parabrahman is outside the parentheses. some say saguna brahman includes self-awareness and maya is the second parentheses (whereas avidya is the third). some say atman is self-awareness. some say atman is brahman. some say atman is not parabrahman. tricky nondualities.

map 3: a good myth is like a circle. you must be able to enter it at any point and still be able to go full circle. in other words, a good myth must ultimately reveal the same old truth, the seeker is the sought.

map 4: the manifest is a mass of pure consciousness like ice is a mass of pure water. as there are three states of water, there are three states of i-am. deep sleep, sleep dream, dream world. and space is like the fourth, the stateless state of water.

map 5: the natural state of water depends upon so much. actually, water is a state of h2o, as is ice and vapor. saying, the natural state of h2o, is to be more accurate. this is vedanta.

epistle 1: dear cs lewis. iow, pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness to enable my dream of self-awareness. yours truly.

epistle 2a: between nisargadatta and vedanta my life flows. more accurately, between nisargadatta and advaita, my life flows. n talks of awareness and consciousness and i am. av talks of pure consciousness, mass consciousness, and the three states of consciousness. 

epistle 2b: iow. awareness is pure consciousness. consciousness is mass consciousness. i-am is the three states of consciousness. awareness is parabrahman, pure consciousness is brahman, consciousness is atman, the three states of consciousness, i am.

epistle3: the scene can't know the seer as an island doesn't know the sea. good acting is being the seer. great acting is knowing there's nothing else to be. the seen appears in the seer and not vice versa. the scene is seen by the eye and the eye is heard by the mind but the mind is felt by being only, being only, being only.

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