Saturday, June 8, 2024

These Dreams of God

1. God Dreams

In the waking dream, the body-mind is quite turned on.

In the sleeping dream, the body is finally turned off

and the mind can turn it to eleven dreaming its head off.

But in deep sleep, with the body-mind at last turned off,

one is actually Saguna Brahman, Isvara, God!

2. Tattvamasi 9

Deep sleep isn't where you go each night. It's where you come from every day.

In deep sleep, God is witnessing the absence of duality. In nirguna samadhi is the presence of nonduality.

Brahman cloaked in the uniform of Maya is God. Atman cloaked in the uniform of Avidya is God. Thus Atman is Brahman is Parabrahman.

3. Now Appearing

Brahman is real. God is self-realized.

People are looking for realization in all the wrong places.

Bliss never appears in any experience of a body-mind.

The body-mind is appearing in bliss.

4. Like a Fool

Existence is like the sea. Living is like a wave. I am Satcitananda. Wave on, John Donne.

Consciousness is that timeless space in which thinking is like an idiot wind, babe.

Bliss is this opposite of samsara. Ananda is nonduality. That beloved nonduality.

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