Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Silent I, Wholly I


There's no division in nonduality.

That which appears to be divided could be heaven or could be hell. One mind's ceiling is another mind's floor.


I could say all is Brahman but there's no all at all.

There's only Paramatman—inconceivable, unthinkable, indescribable, and immutable Nirguna Brahman.

a. pramana

I-am is the reflection of existence but I-know is the reflection of consciousness. This is why the Knowledge of Brahman (Brahmavidya) is what it is in Advaita.

And I-love is the reflection of bliss — unconditional love, bhakti. Satcitananda is the truth. Tantra, Jnana, and Bhakta are particular methods.

b. petroglyphs of maya

In the middle of a living rainforest is the ancient rock of primordial Maya.

On its weather-worn face is etched petroglyphs for existence, consciousness, fulfillment.

Although there's no names for these images, their voices may be heard: I am, I know, I love.

c. we're not in samsara anymore

We had a black and white TV and watched the Wizard of Oz every year when I was young.

My father bought a color television for a better Bonanza; the moonwalk couldn't be any better.

When I first saw Oz in color, something almost supernatural clicked in me.

I am never not Brahman despite appearances is what I'd say today, naturally.

d. catechismic questions

Self-inquiry is all like do i exist? As if you could ask the question if you didn't, coyote.

What doesn't appear in Consciousness? Even deep sleep appears in Consciousness.

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