Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Of Alienation and Mind, Ghazals and Sonnets

The time has come to talk of mind.

The so-called experience of self-awareness is the immediate and direct understanding

that I am absolute awareness.

Without the mirror of the mind, there is no suchlike understanding.

Shen-hsiu says the mind is like a mirror; keep it clean.

Hui-neng counters that the mirror is so innately clean, there’s not a place for dust to land.

Awareness, consciousness, and mind are not three separate entities

but the nondual trinity of self-awareness.

Such an obvious mistake in understanding is to be expected

in an immature mind still in the adolescent throes of identifying with itself.

There are one-hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone.

By my calculations, one million of them have at least one planet with life upon it.

But of all of these, there is just one with intelligent life.

They’ve been contacting us for quite some time.

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