Friday, December 3, 2021

Unflagging (paraversing Gaudapada K3, 29-33)

Duality is not maya, and the mind is not maya, but duality appears in the mind through the magic of maya. Welcome to the show that never ends.

The non-dual mind appearing as duality is the dream state. The flag flies and the wind cries maya.

All duality seen by the mind is nothing but the non-dual mind, and as the mind resettles into no-mind, all duality disappears.

In other words, as the knowledge is realized, the mind is no-mind, for there is no duality to be seen.

Non-conceptual awareness is the knowledge. The knowledge is absolute reality. Thus, the unborn knows the unborn.

Gaudapada (tr-Nikhilananda) K3, 29-33

29. As in dream the mind acts through Mãyā presenting the appearance of duality, so also in the waking state the mind acts, through Mayã, presenting the appearance of duality.

30. There is no doubt that the mind, which is, in fact, non-dual appears as dual in dream; in like manner undoubtedly that which is non-dual, appears as dual in the waking state also.

31. All these dual objects, comprising everything that is movable and immovable, perceived by the mind (are mind alone). For, duality is never experienced when the mind ceases to act.

32. When the mind does not imagine on account of the knowledge of the Truth which is Atman, then it ceases to be mind and becomes free from all idea of cognition, for want of objects to be cognised.

33. The knowledge (Jnanam) which is unborn and free from all imaginations is ever inseparable from the knowable. The immutable and birthless Brahman is the sole object of knowledge. The birthless is known by the birthless.

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