Thursday, January 20, 2022

Done Deals

The universe is tending towards self-awareness and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Self-awareness is a done deal. Everything else is just the juice of an orange dripping from the lips of a ghost.

The mind divides indivisible awareness into two, but more importantly, believes it.

There are no causes behind these special effects. Please turn off your smartphones and enjoy the show.


"For God's sake hold your tongue, and let me love"

awareness is solely self-aware in that self-awareness is so powerful and almighty, it appears to be an intentional universe of enlightenment at its central crack of dreamtime dawn.

you are not becoming self-aware. you, absolute awareness, are so inherently self-aware that you're aware how self-awareness is appearing.

rinse, rant, and repeat: deep sleep, sleep dream, dream self, self-awareness.

Turn off your mind

Relax and float down stream

It is not dying

It is not dying

quote unquote

four advaita systems essential features

From The Advaita Tradition in Indian Philosophy


by Chandradhar Sharma

We thus find that there are four main systems of advaitavádá in Indian philosophy, namely, the Mádhyamika, Vijñánaváda, Advaita Vedanta and Kashmira Shaivism.

The essential features shared in common by these four advaita systems are:

1. Advaitavada is always spiritual non-dualism or absolutism.

2. The Absolute is at once transcendent to and immanent in the manifested world.

3. As transcendent, the Absolute is indeterminate. It is beyond senses, thought and language. It is pure consciousness and bliss.

4. As immanent, the Absolute is the reality of the manifested world of individual subjects and objects. It is infinite, all-pervasive and all-inclusive.

5. The Absolute cannot be known as an ‘object’ by relational thought. But as the foundation of all empirical knowledge and experience, it shines forth as the eternal non-dual Self, self-proved and self-shining. It can be realised in nonrelational immediate spiritual experience.

6. Absolutism makes a distinction between reality and appearance.

7. The Absolute appears as or projects this world through its own power which is beginningless, transcendental and inseparable from it.

8. Avidya or transcendental Illusion generates the notions of externality, difference, limitation and finitude. It can be removed only by the immediate realisation of the Absolute.

9. The Absolute is not proved by positive arguments. The advaitins negate the illusion of duality and the Absolute shines as the ground-reality.

10. Moksa or Nirvana is absolute freedom which is complete identity with the Absolute. It is the realisation of one’s own true nature through supra-relational knowledge or immediate experience.

11. Intense spiritual discipline is prescribed as a help towards this realisation.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It's Maya Town

You are two, god is one, reality is neither.

And all the bishops, philosophers, and engineers can’t put god back together again.

Then all shall know you by your name for god. 

Call me the universal evolutionary enlightening intent towards self-awareness, Ishmael.

God has many names but the absolute is nameless, for god is the absolute conditioned by maya.

And maya is what happens when you try to name the absolute.


sorry all you nihilists, atheists, and other existentialists, reality isn't nothing either.

sorry all do-gooders, you can't make two one again.

look, everybody needs a myth to make it through the night.

lovers make their own myths. believers steal theirs from one another.

remember, maya is another name for paradox.

awareness and its name is intertwined in ordinary states of mass confusion. but there, without a name, i am.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Pointing towards Consciousness

The mind cannot describe consciousness.

Consciousness is indescribable.

The mind is totally within the field of consciousness.

Consciousness is beyond the boundaries of mind.

The mind is consciousness but consciousness is not the mind.

You can’t know consciousness but only be ”it.”

Further, consciousness, as a word, is not a name for consciousness,

but an indicator—there is no name for that which can’t be known by mind.

And as for being consciousness,

that’s why they say that you are that.


the empire of scientific materialism is trying with all its might to find the source of consciousness within the body so as to do with "it" what it did with hydrogen.

but consciousness is not a product of the body-mind, thank god.

religious empires claim to own the source of consciousness through their founder's infallibility, but these days, one needs proof, more or less.

that understanding consciousness is the ultimate source of power for all empire through its weapon of belief, religious or materialistic, gives a whole new empirical meaning to spiritual liberation.

no one owns consciousness although fools give theirs away miserably every day.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Modern Namarupa


Awareness is solely self-aware.

Within this unmanifested self-awareness is appearing,

through the lens of paradox,

a manifested self-awareness

in the form of a self-reflexive universe,

whose maker is the god of evolutionary intent

and whose material is self-shining consciousness.


if there's only awareness, and awareness is only aware of awareness, then this self-awareness is our objective.

awareness is absolute, self-awareness is unmanifest, and there are appearances in self-awareness which are manifesting self-awareness.

between the absolute and relative, there is a wall of paradox. its name is maya.

aware new, new clear, clear deep, deep sleep, sleep dream, dream self, self aware.

if the wall is paradox, god is the writing on the wall.

is it true that consciousness only is the only true materialism?

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Riffing Shankara

Riffing Shankara

so awareness


on the mind

and vice versa is

something like attention,

if attention is

the knot of mind,


and an object.

Therefore, attention

without mind or object

is awareness,

or what I truly am,



according to shankara, the snake is not only superimposed on the rope, the rope is superimposed on the snake.

accordingly, this mutual superimposition of cognizance with awareness, i am calling, for lack of a better word, attention.

not a practice exactly, but a confirmation of this mythic design, is sitting in attention without attaching to the various thoughts of mind—thus one can call this resting in awareness.

to an ordinary person, pure awareness isn't ordinary, but awareness intertwined with cognizance is ordinary. there's the rub.

Monday, January 10, 2022

My Myth of Self-Awareness


Before self-awareness dawns, there is the night of unawareness.

In this night of unawareness, knowledge is ignorance, up is down, and nothing is real.

But because there is no night, for the sun is always shining, and night is just an occlusion of planetary ignorance, truth within this so-called night appears to be a paradox.


In my myth of self-awareness, mindfulness is a misnomer. Call it awarefulness instead.

Absolute awareness is singularly self-aware. The nondual dominion of this self-awareness is so powerful and glorious, it appears to be.

And being begets mind. Mind begets division. Division begets suffering. Suffering begets deconstruction.

Deconstruction removes the thought of being identified with the mind. And this mirror of awarefulness reveals my self-awareness.


the myth of the reflexive universe calls this unawareness, the molecular.

belief is molecular thought, religious or materialistic. obviously especially materialistic.

in the logic of understanding, the name of paradox is maya.

definitions matter.

the subject, to be self-aware, must become an object first. and in turn, the object deconstructs itself, voila!

apres la friction of fiction, the all-consuming fire.

that the sun identifies with any of its planets is to cry! and that the sun dis-identifies with earth is to laugh.

a good myth contradicts itself.

logic and paradox and contradiction, oh my!

and pointers too!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

My Self-Evident Fool

Some believe the big bang came from nothing.

Materialism, in the end, is just another brand of nihilism.

And some believe that one is nothing, not knowing nonduality is not your father’s nihilism.

Forgive them for they’ve only learned to hate themselves.

Because the mind can’t understand a thing without beginning, it substitutes unknown eternity with nothing.

I am putting forth the proposition here: the absolute is not some nothing.

Unseen, inconceivable, unthinkable, indescribable, peaceful, blissful, and nondual—the absolute is that.

My dear fool, you are not nothing. The absolute is self-shining consciousness and so are you.


big science investigates the trick. self-inquiry is about investigating the magician.

i wonder why nondual nihilists always have to have the last say.

any concept without beginning or end is not a concept. therefore, to the mind, it's nothing.

first, consciousness is not a product of the mind. this is just the magical thinking of materialism.

second, the mind is the tool of consciousness in the great intent of self-awareness. obviously, you're not a tool, are you?

third, absolute awareness is self-shining consciousness. therefore, by the transitive property of equality in mathematics, i pronounce you that.

the snake is nothing; you're the rope.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

On One True Knowledge

Not to be unduly philosophical but true knowledge is not epistemological but ontological instead.

Knowledge is not about information, facts, and other data stored in memory,

nor their manipulation, interpretation, or presentation, but being only.

I’m not saying there’s not a place for words. Deconstruction and indication are fine for what they are,

in negating false knowledge and pointing to the one true knowledge which is wordless.

Monday, January 3, 2022

On Dream and Illusion, Ghazals and Sonnets. On Abiding and Non-abiding, Lightning and Thunder.

All transmission is depending

on a point of view.

If that point of view is absolute,

nothing is ever born

and the world is

like a lucid dream.

If this point of view is relative,

then the world is an appearance.

One may ask then what’s the difference

between a dream and an illusion.

I only know a dream

as I'm awakened from it.

I know illusion

when I'm not.


knowers know, teachers teach.

no method, no brick in the wall.

a dream is not a dream if not awake.

it's only magic if i don't know the trick.

on a technical note, advaita becomes religion when ajativada is vivartavada.

on a mythological level, ramana maharshi represents the return of the force.

on another technical note, shankara without gaudapada is not shankara.

on another mythological level, nisargadatta maharaj represents the further tantric illiteratization of the force.