Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It's Maya Town

You are two, god is one, reality is neither.

And all the bishops, philosophers, and engineers can’t put god back together again.

Then all shall know you by your name for god. 

Call me the universal evolutionary enlightening intent towards self-awareness, Ishmael.

God has many names but the absolute is nameless, for god is the absolute conditioned by maya.

And maya is what happens when you try to name the absolute.


sorry all you nihilists, atheists, and other existentialists, reality isn't nothing either.

sorry all do-gooders, you can't make two one again.

look, everybody needs a myth to make it through the night.

lovers make their own myths. believers steal theirs from one another.

remember, maya is another name for paradox.

awareness and its name is intertwined in ordinary states of mass confusion. but there, without a name, i am.

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