Monday, January 10, 2022

My Myth of Self-Awareness


Before self-awareness dawns, there is the night of unawareness.

In this night of unawareness, knowledge is ignorance, up is down, and nothing is real.

But because there is no night, for the sun is always shining, and night is just an occlusion of planetary ignorance, truth within this so-called night appears to be a paradox.


In my myth of self-awareness, mindfulness is a misnomer. Call it awarefulness instead.

Absolute awareness is singularly self-aware. The nondual dominion of this self-awareness is so powerful and glorious, it appears to be.

And being begets mind. Mind begets division. Division begets suffering. Suffering begets deconstruction.

Deconstruction removes the thought of being identified with the mind. And this mirror of awarefulness reveals my self-awareness.


the myth of the reflexive universe calls this unawareness, the molecular.

belief is molecular thought, religious or materialistic. obviously especially materialistic.

in the logic of understanding, the name of paradox is maya.

definitions matter.

the subject, to be self-aware, must become an object first. and in turn, the object deconstructs itself, voila!

apres la friction of fiction, the all-consuming fire.

that the sun identifies with any of its planets is to cry! and that the sun dis-identifies with earth is to laugh.

a good myth contradicts itself.

logic and paradox and contradiction, oh my!

and pointers too!

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