Sunday, January 16, 2022

Pointing towards Consciousness

The mind cannot describe consciousness.

Consciousness is indescribable.

The mind is totally within the field of consciousness.

Consciousness is beyond the boundaries of mind.

The mind is consciousness but consciousness is not the mind.

You can’t know consciousness but only be ”it.”

Further, consciousness, as a word, is not a name for consciousness,

but an indicator—there is no name for that which can’t be known by mind.

And as for being consciousness,

that’s why they say that you are that.


the empire of scientific materialism is trying with all its might to find the source of consciousness within the body so as to do with "it" what it did with hydrogen.

but consciousness is not a product of the body-mind, thank god.

religious empires claim to own the source of consciousness through their founder's infallibility, but these days, one needs proof, more or less.

that understanding consciousness is the ultimate source of power for all empire through its weapon of belief, religious or materialistic, gives a whole new empirical meaning to spiritual liberation.

no one owns consciousness although fools give theirs away miserably every day.

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