Monday, January 24, 2022

Attention Meditation

Self-shining consciousness is not a passive process in an ordinary person but one intertwined with mind moving outward. Thus, awareness and cognition equals attention.

This is meditation at its best. With attention moving outward like a light, don’t think about it. Attention minus cognition equals awareness.

And any thoughts that may appear, don’t think about them either. Simply let them disappear within the clarity of bright awareness.

This meditation is not a passive one of contemplation nor just sitting, but an active one beginning with attention moving outward as if the shimmering world out there is your ongoing creation.

Visualize the ahamkara of mind intertwined with nondual nuclear awareness. By removing thinking from the weaving, awareness shall untie the knot. There I am like a fountain of satcitananda.


consciousness plus deconstruction equals medicine.

attention plus the negative capability of myth equals self-awareness.

the ahamkara of consciousness and mind is not exactly bondage but certainly a gripping embrace.

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