Friday, January 14, 2022

Modern Namarupa


Awareness is solely self-aware.

Within this unmanifested self-awareness is appearing,

through the lens of paradox,

a manifested self-awareness

in the form of a self-reflexive universe,

whose maker is the god of evolutionary intent

and whose material is self-shining consciousness.


if there's only awareness, and awareness is only aware of awareness, then this self-awareness is our objective.

awareness is absolute, self-awareness is unmanifest, and there are appearances in self-awareness which are manifesting self-awareness.

between the absolute and relative, there is a wall of paradox. its name is maya.

aware new, new clear, clear deep, deep sleep, sleep dream, dream self, self aware.

if the wall is paradox, god is the writing on the wall.

is it true that consciousness only is the only true materialism?

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